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Anyone have any experience using Noscapine?

Hi Everyone,

Is anyone on this forum familiar with using Noscapine as a breast cancer treatment? I have been reading a lot about it lately. It is a non-addictive extract from the opium plant that studies are showing is very effective at fighting treating various forms of cancer. Anyone who is interested could view the following article which also has a list of links to many of the related scientific research and studies on it. Please let me know if you have heard of it or tried it and what your experience was like. It doesn't seem to have any significant side effects, except possibly nausea if you are using high doses.


  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,410 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Lillian864 l

    Hi, I have not heard of this before, or used it, so I am not able to comment about it.

    Are you currently having treatment for breast cancer yourself?


  • netadictnetadict Posts: 2

    Hi, I research natural products to cure medical conditions...i have learned that what doctors advise is not always correct. This day and age everyone it seams gets cancer of some sort or many other bad illnesses .....we have no choice if we want to get cured. Currently i am looking at noscapine ...see www.noscapine.com . Tom🤔

  • LizzyB73LizzyB73 Posts: 112 Oncology Specialist Nurse

    Hi @netadict Tom,

    Thanks for your comment - do you have a cancer diagnosis that you need some support with? Happy to help if you need a chat.

    Although I am a great advocate for seeking natural remedies for medical conditions, I think we have to be very careful to recommend remedies that have fairly limited research attached to them particularly as the noscapine website is claiming to cure a wide variety of cancer types.

    We do advise patients against googling too much on the net as this can lead to confusion and conflicting advice.

    Please let me know if I can help with anything

    best wishes

    Liz 🌻

    Liz Bradley
    Oncology Specialist Nurse | Oncology Service Manager @ Springfield Hospital
  • netadictnetadict Posts: 2

    Hi Liz, Appreciate your concern re excess googling....on the other side of the coin ...many on youtube discosista.nimbin.medical would challenge you. Michael stoopman story 20180623 is a case in point and many more i assure you. Re noscapine, from what i see an outright cure is not claimed ...we are all totally different (one mans meat is another mans poison). I suggest you also study cannabis cures ,in particular the rick simpson story. Also i said (looking at) not recommending noscapine ....big difference. Apart from all this i am interested in finding a natural cure/help for hypertension...i asked about it on your site ...on rechecking i see it has gone ...even if i type in hypertension ...nothing. I will retry on your site one more time in case of a glitch. Please let me know your opinion on my recommended sites. All the best and happy googling,(with an open mind).🤗

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