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Thursday afternoon thoughts and rambles.....

LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 795 ✭✭✭✭✭

Good afternoon to everyone,

I hope today is going well for you whatever it is you are doing.

I am loving this hot sunny weather, having said that I haven't been sitting out in it much today.

I had breakfast outside this morning. That was lovely. Bit of a cheeky one. Homemade scones, homemade strawberry jam and fresh coffee with my book. Scones for breakfast? I hear some saying, surely not? Well I don't have any croissants or pain au chocolat to make it a French breakfast. So scones it was.

Here is a pic....

As is the same for many other people this year, our holiday is very much up in the air still while Covid and restrictions are in place. It hasn't been cancelled yet. I have been trying to contact the ferry company regarding our travel details, unsurprisingly they are not receiving telephone calls etc. This week our final payment was due, and I received notification to say the payment had failed! lol! (change of card I think). So I have been trying to contact the company since Monday to no avail, I was informed I had until tomorrow to pay the balance. But I had no way of contacting them properly or online.

This morning I decided to have a last ditch attempt to make contact. I sent three emails, and a FB messenger message. No sooner had I pressed send on FB, the phone rang! Yay! Finally, a response. So it is all sorted, should travel be permitted. Obviously we still watch and wait to see how the country and Europe respond and come out of lockdown and restrictions whether it will be cancelled. I hadn't realised how stressed or worried I was about it until I put the phone down and could feel it lift off me. I think it is because we are taking my disabled brother-in-law with us, it is very complicated and the details are crucial. We are not worried if it is cancelled, as we will just go next year instead, but we did have to sort the payments. Ugh! So I have been inside, looking out at the garden, while I sort things out.

I was very excited on Tues evening to see the ISS fly overhead. It is the first time I have seen it. It was amazing to be able to make out the shape of it too as it passed over. We were hoping to see the Space X launch last night, but bad weather postponed that. Hopefully Saturday it will happen.

Interestingly, or not, I have always been fascinated by space, stars, planets etc. But I was so rubbish at science and maths there was no way I would have been able to take it further.

When we visited Florida three years ago, we spent two days at the Kennedy Space Center. Definitely a top highlight of our trip. For me it was my second visit, it only took me 25 years to return. This time though with the family, and Phoebe especially as she is a science whizz. For her it was brilliant to see the women who had gone in to great things in NASA. We all long to return one day, I just hope it won't take 25 years ! 😄

Next is a cup of tea outside, it is so glorious and peaceful. Just what I need!

I said it was rambled thoughts....anyone else got any ramblings to share....

Chat soon,



  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Good evening Lou

    Your breakfast looks absolutely scrummy. I think that homemade scones, homemade strawberry jam and fresh coffee are a great idea for breakfast, or any other time of day for that matter. The only snag I can think of is that you always seem to be out and about at 5.00am and I prefer my brekky at 8.00am.😴

    Oh Lou, I hope your holiday is not cancelled, you all love your French breaks so much. A friend of mine has already been told that his ferry to Portsmouth on 15th July has been cancelled so it looks as if we will be holidaying in Jersey this year. As I have mentioned before, the Island is closed for comings and goings and getting out and back over the next couple of months or more seems very unlikely. Well, as long as the weather stays like this, it is not really a problem even though the Island is very small and I am beginning to understand how those hamsters must feel on their treadmills.

    Haha, Phoebe must be really smart. I was given two points for my science exam for knowing my own name and writing it on the exam paper. A trip to Florida and the Kennedy Space Center sounds amazing. I hope that you are able to make that trip again -don't wait too long.

    Rob xx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Lou

    And here we are, Friday again already. Everything comes round so fast these days.

    Before Coronavirus, I had a pretty structured week. Football and pub on Monday evening, dinner with Mary at our favourite pub restaurant on Wednesday, lunch and afternoon tea with a friend on Friday, football on Saturday and a long walk on Sunday. There was the housework and shopping (including cake and tea in a cafė) in between of course.

    Every day seems to be the same now and sometimes I am not even sure what day it is. That would have scared me a couple of months ago, but now!!

    It is another gorgeous day today and without tourists, it is really quiet here. We have so many beaches, they are never really full, but at the moment, they are particularly quiet. I think that when you live near the sea, you kind of take it for granted, like it will still be there tomorrow. It seems amazing to us that people in England are willing to sit in traffic queues for ages, just to share a patch of sand surrounded by hundreds of other people.

    I was watching the news about Dominic Cummings the other day and it reminded me of how lovely and green Durham is. Made me quite homesick as I love the countryside. When I lived there though, coal was very important and you could see pitheads in lots of places. That has all gone now of course and there are no traces that they ever existed. No wonder Mr C fancied a trip.

    Ah well, that's my little ramble for today. Mary has made a fruit crumble for afters and I will have a nice frosty Fosters waiting for me too.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Rob xxi

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 175 ✭✭✭

    @LouiseJ @RobertA

    Hello my lovely friends.

    How are you all going. 1st day of winter here. Raining and cold....probably not as cold as you get but wonderful for us. 5 degrees. Just lovely.

    It is the end of day. Sitting with coffee, watching the news...which is all quite horrid...may change channel i think..too depressing.

    I have a beef casserole in the oven for a 3 hour slow cook.

    So happy you may be able to still go on holidays Lou. We would have been flying home from Noosa today after a 3 week holiday. However all pushed out untill next year so something to look forward to again.

    When do you move Rob. I know i read it on a post but memory not all that good now days..lol...

    By the way Lou, your breakfast looks the absolute best. I would have loved it too.

    Well better check dinner

    Love to you both

    Margy 💖💖💖💖

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 795 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @RobertA

    Good morning friends,

    Lovely to hear from you Margy! Sorry I missed you earlier, hope you are nice and cosy warm, especially after that beef stew! mmm, I love those.

    We still do not know yet if the holiday is on or not. We are prepared for both, yes or no. If we are not permitted to travel, we will postpone it to next year. For now we sit and wait! Rob, who was your friend travelling with?

    Rob, I know, our weeks and usual activities pre covid are a million miles away now. I don't even know when the swimming pool is likely to be opened. I heard it could be the autumn!! That could just be a rumour of course. At least your beaches are empty, ours are not, and this weekend has brought the biggest idiots yet to date to our area! It has just been ridiculous. But don't get me started, otherwise I will get all het up again.

    I made cheese scones and more fruit scones on Saturday, and bought some clotted cream! Haven't had it yet, but they will taste gorg! haha.

    Yesterday we had a proper rest day, all of us.

    We spent the whole day in the garden, moving around so to stay in the shade, playing monopoly! We stopped for lunch, then resumed until dinner! Hannah bowed out first, lost all her money. But she did well to stay playing for as long as she did. Phoebe loved every second of it, she was in her element. Mark McMafia won, again!! 😂

    Ohh yes, I stumbled across a show on Iplayer you both might like. It is one of the best shows I have seen. It is called The Honourable Woman. I can't believe I missed it when it was first aired. 2014! It is definitely up there with Homeland. Margy I know you would love it. Rob, do you like political thrillers?

    We have another scorcher Margy, probably just a spring warmth for you, but hot, hot, hot for us. I don't like the rain. Except at night, for the farmers, and the water butts. Well in the depth of winter, I expect it, and I do like thunderstorms etc.

    Did either of you watch the Space X launch on Saturday?? It was brilliant.

    Haha, you and me both Rob, in fact I found my old science book when I was looking for the VE Day photo, I showed it to the girls, much to their amusement!! 😂. Yes, Phoebe is a genius, seriously, another Einstein (Hannah's nick name for her 😁). Clearly she does not get it from me, I think the science genes skipped me. My Dad was great at Maths and science. Mark is too.

    Anyway, coffee calling, chat later, the girls are doing P.E in the lounge. Hannah has already been on a run too!!

    Love to you both,

    Lou xxx

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 175 ✭✭✭

    @LouiseJ @RobertA

    Good morning Lou and Rob

    Yes lou we watched the launch. So much happening in space now.

    We have opened up over here. Restaurants, pubs, clubs, pools, gyms, beauticians, ect ect. People here in the country are still social distancing but the cities are not.

    We play cards lou. A game called Phase 10. Have you got it over there. It is so good, spend hours playing. I hate monopoly 😂😂 i am always the first to go out.

    Another lovely day here. Only getting to 10. I did see you are supposed to get to 27. That would be really hot for you. Stay cool. I hope your pool opens soon for you.

    We have had no covid cases for quite awhile now and no deaths. We have been extremely fortunate in Australia. But our prime minister closed us down very quickly. He is doing a wonderful job in these terrible times.i do feel safe with him at the wheel. A very stable man god bless him.

    I am off to work now, i have a day off tomorrow so i might try to catch up lou💖💖 i will check the time zone.

    How is the packing going Rob. How is mary going with it all.

    This is our 6th home in 20 years Rob, so i know all about packing and unpacking😂 never marry a Real estate agent 😂

    However he has promised me this is our last home, so i am keeping him to it. I do not think i have anymore moves left in me. When i was younger it wasnt too bad but now 20 years on........no more🤣

    Well better go. Have a beautiful day when you wzke up. I think it is the wee hours in the night over there


    Margy 💖💖💖

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 795 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Good morning Margy!

    Well almost! 😄

    I am sat in the garden writing this. 28°. But we are forecast some rain and thunderstorms tomorrow I believe. I am going to have to shelter some of my pots in the greenhouse.

    Now then, I have heard of Phase 10, but not played it. I will look it up! Yesterday I saw someone mock up a new Monopoly game for lockdown. It was called Monotony. Instead of places etc, they had, toilet, bedrooms, kitchen etc, other funny stuff. I thought it was very amusing.

    Today I have spent a few hours adjusting some summer dresses I have that have become too big since treatment ended. I did it all by hand as I don't have a working sewing machine! I have my mums old singer, but it doesn't work. I said to Mark, I don't mind if he wants to buy me one!! Haha!

    I also have strawberries macerating, to make jam tomorrow.

    By tomorrow morning most of the sugar will have turned to liquid.

    I can't believe how many times you have moved!!! How did you cope with that, I wouldn't have. Haha 😂.

    In total, over my whole life ( 21 years😂😂😂), I have moved home 11 times. Where we are now is no.11! I was born at home and up until I left home at 18 ( 3 yrs ago😂) to go to college, I moved twice. I moved 6 times during college years, and twice since being married.

    I have only lived in two counties! Lol! Change is not my thing clearly, hahahaha 😂😂.

    Chat soon, I hope,

    Lou xx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @LouiseJ

    Good evening dear friends.

    Pity about your holiday Margy, but it is great to hear that you have not had any Covid cases for a while and that everything is opening up again. We are in a similar situation, it must be an island thing, but at ten miles by five, Jersey is probably the size of your garden. 🤣

    The house move is going surprisingly smoothly given it is our first move since 1985. Our home has been a very happy place and we are sad to be moving, but our new apartment is designed for easy living and we are looking forward to having more time for fun and relaxation. I am a bit relieved to be honest as I no longer have the strength and stamina that I had before cancer and Mary has taken a lot of the extra strain.

    Hi Lou, my friend Philip was travelling alone. He is a single man, incredibly clever, but not great socially though it is well worth the effort to get to know him. He is a railway enthusiast and he goes to Ribblehead Viaduct every year and stays in the Station Master’s house which is available for rental. It is on the Settle–Carlisle line which is a 73-mile-long main railway line in northern England. It crosses the remote, scenic regions of the Yorkshire Dales and the North Pennines, running between Settle in North Yorkshire and Carlisle, near the English-Scottish borders. In addition to the usual diesel trains, they run steam trains at certain times too. Mary and I have stayed there with Philip and though it is very remote, it is great walking and climbing country, and of course, you can get a train for a day trip to somewhere like Skipton which is a lovely market town. Mary broke her ankle in two places three years ago whilst we were returning from a climb up nearby Whernside, which is 736 metres high. We were in clouds and it was very slippy. Not sure how Philip and I got her down but it was pretty scary and definitely my last mountain climb.

    Haha Lou, you are funny. Seems you have made a few moves yourself in the past, but your present home looks lovely and I bet you have no plans to move any time soon.

    Love to you both

    Rob xx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @LouiseJ

    The first photo was taken on Whernside shortly before Mary broke her ankle.

    The second photo shows the Station Master’s house on the right.

    The third photo is of the viaduct which is just beyond the station.

    The fourth is a steam passenger train operated by Northern Rail.


  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 175 ✭✭✭

    @RobertA @LouiseJ

    Wow Rob, your countryside is magnificient. Just beautiful.

    Did mary's ankle heal properly?

    I know what you mean about enery after cancer. And people donot understand im afraid of how it knocks our bodies around. I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago , that i hadnt seen for awhile. She asked about my hands...i have special braces for both wrists, i said i had deteriation of the thumb and wrist joint bones and arthritis had set in from the treatments and medication i was on. She said quite innocently....oh really, i didnt realize once you get the all clear anything else would happen and you just go back to normal😂😂😂 it cracked me up...i said this is the new normal😂😂😂

    All my photos are in boxes under the house in the garage. I will have a clean out this weekend and find you some photos.

    Must away and get dinner started

    Love to you both


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 795 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @RobertA

    Good evening Margy! Good morning Rob and everyone else!

    I keep missing you, haha😁.

    It is beautiful country up there Rob, I used to love it when I drove up through on my way to Scotland to visit my mum and step dad. It is breath-taking. That is quite a story, poor Mary! She must have been in agony, coming all the way back down. You didn't want to call mountain rescue? When I was a teenager we went up near to Mount Snowdon, for a week. One of the days we set off to climb Snowdon, we got up there, but on the way down one of the girls slipped on wet rock and really hurt herself. Most of the others had to climb back down leaving her with a small group and a couple of the leaders. Mountain rescue had to come out to help as there was no moving her, supporting her down the mountain without a stretcher. It was the only time I have seen mountain rescue in action. They are incredible.

    Margy, what is the latest with your hands? Are you still waiting for another appointment? I know how much pain you have with them. My sister has finally started radiotherapy, after a terrible post-op infection that hit her. She has horrendous pain in her hand, and now she is on medication, it has got much worse. She hasn't been on it for long though , so I think they are waiting to see if it settles down.

    I am just off to fetch Hannah from work, so will chat later,

    Lou xx

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 175 ✭✭✭

    @LouiseJ @RobertA

    For a laugh...

    It is 0 degrees and i am sitting on verandah having my morning coffee😂😂😂

    The sun is shining though💖💖💖

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,441 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Good morning Margy!

    You enjoyed sitting out in 0°? I think you can get a prescription from the drs for that ailment!! Hahahaha 😂😂😂.

    I know you love the winter, only joking! 😂

    Although, it must be fabulous to have the verandah to sit out on, and it does have some shelter. If the sun was shining I would probably be tempted to do that myself!! I'll be right over... I'll pack my jumpers and woolly socks😄😄.

    Our heatwave has done a runner...much cooler, rainy, windy again. ☹️. Yesterday I sat with my dressing gown over my legs, like a granny!! 😂😂Lol. Well, I was wearing shorts and flip flops, no wonder I was feeling the cold.

    I took Hannah to work in shorts and flip flops earlier. But now I am back in the dressing gown!! Hahaha 😂😂.

    Funny.... do you remember the housecoats that were fashionable in the 60's/70's. I remember my mum had a pink quilted type thing. She wore it all the time. Please don't tell me I am becoming like that!!! 😂😂😂. Help me someone!! Hahaha.

    Hope you are having a good afternoon, evening. What time does the sun go down with you now?

    Chat soon,



  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 175 ✭✭✭


    😂😂😂I have a long dressing gown similar to your mums...in pink...just so warm....so we are both taking after our mums.💖

    I would have liked to see that...shorts flip flops and dressing gown...now that would look strange 💖

    It didnt get above 9 today and the rest of the week is the same. In the minusses overnight.

    What a shame you are getting cold weather again. I must admit our seasons are hot all summer, cold all winter , beautiful autumn and spring.

    I would love spring to be all year round. Just brilliant weather.

    It didnt feel like 0 this morning. Although there was no view as a pea souper of a fog. So i was lucky to see the end of my nose untill the sun peeped through😂

    Shirley is still in hospital. A lovely room with a huge window looking out onto a courtyard. We have started the assessments process so will know what we will need by next week.

    It is the Queens birthday long weekend this weekend.

    I think the sun is gone about 5.30 to 6pm now.

    Well best go and do some cooking for dinner

    Talk soon

    Margy 💖💖💖

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,441 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good morning Margy, sorry I missed you earlier. I hope you have had a good night's rest.

    Haha, not you too!!

    I still can't get my head around you having winter when I am sat looking out at brilliant sunshine! Yes it returned, but blowing a gale outside. Just in from watering the garden.

    Great you have a long weekend ahead of you, take some time out for yourselves too ( you know what I mean 😊).

    Friday evening here, I am cooking spaghetti carbonara for dinner tonight.

    Speak to you soon,


    Lou xxx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2020

    @Anneb @Sunshinedaff

    Good evening lovely friends.

    Well Margy, Mary's ankle did heal properly eventually, probably speeded up by the fact that I was doing all the housework, shopping and cooking and not meeting the required standards🙄

    I remember that Mary wanted a baked potato one day so I looked it up online and found a site which started with a photograph of a potato saying. 'This is a potato'. I liked it and read on. At one point it said 'smother the outer skin in in oil, any oil will do but not engine oil'.😂 The potato was a huge success but after two days, Mary wanted dauphinoise.😕

    Unfortunately, your friend is not unusual in her thinking that everything goes back to normal after cancer. Wow, the way our bodies have been knocked around and wearied by surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, hormone treatments and anxiety, it is as you say, a 'new normal' and we are not really the same people we were before, either mentally or physically. Thank goodness for LBWC for giving us a platform to chat with other people who have been there and who really understand. I am so saddened to hear of your arthritis.🤗

    Haha Margy, you have boxes of photos in your garage. Does that sound familiar Lou?😉

    Yes Lou, it is beautiful up in Ribblehead, but as you know, it can be cold and wet up there and needs to be treated with respect. We were unable to call Mountain Rescue as the phone could not get a signal though one or two people did stop and ask if we needed help. Wow, Snowdon, that is a challenge.

    I am so sorry to hear about your sister's infection and pain. I hope it is settling now and that the pain is easing.

    Our house is due to go through next Friday, we are sad but relieved too. Watch this space.

    Love and hugs

    Rob🤗 💝😘

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 175 ✭✭✭

    @LouiseJ @RobertA

    Good morning my wonderful friends.

    It is 9am and a warm 2 degrees and a pea souper again. Sitting having my coffee on verandah😂😂 i must have rocks in my head i know, but i love it. I can smell that wonderful smell of someones wood heaters. I love that smell

    I love the potato srory.

    Petes brother rang him when he was just 18 and moved into his first flat with a mate....he was the baby of the family so never cooked in his life. He wanted to know how to cook mashed potato !!! Pete told him to peel and cut and pop into saucepan and cook........well as you can imagine what happened. The flat filled with smoke from burnt potato.......pete didnt think he would have to tell him to put WATER in pot as well.....Micheal still doesnt cook today 😂😂😂😂

    Thankgoodness marys ankle healed. There is nothing worse that having a weakness that niggles all the time if you move the wrong way.

    My wrists are bearable Rob. I have learnt how to look after them. Went to specialist in Melbourne and so i can look after them or operate. The operation takes 6 months minimum to heal each hand. Yuk...so i am very careful.

    Lou how is your sister. I get an infection where they took lymph glands out in my right side . They cant tell me why !!! But every 6 months or so up it comes from nowhere, a course of anti biotics and off i go again😂😂

    Yes Rob i am so thankfull that beau buys me my English magazines.that is how i found LBW and immediately joined last year. It is lovely to talk with people who know what you are feeling and going through...without having to explain...and i met you and Lou and you have both enriched my life immeasurably 💖💖💖

    Well it is saturday morning here so i better go and jump in the showerr and go and do the grocery shopping

    So much love to you both. I wish i lived closer so we could catch up in real life....

    Love Margy 💖💖

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 175 ✭✭✭

    @LouiseJ @RobertA

    Helloooo Lou and Rob

    A beautiful warm 7 degrees💖 11.30am coffee plus some sunshine.💖 supposed to get to 12 today...💖💖💖

    Cooking Ministrone soup for dinner with crusty breadstick 💖

    I hope you both have a wonderful weekend


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @Sunshinedaff

    Good evening lovely friends

    Oh Margy, I feel a lot better having heard the story of Pete's brother. I used to buy 'Smash' potatoes. Do you remember the ad with the Smash Martians laughing at earthlings?

    Drinking coffee on your veranda sounds lovely, even at 2 degrees as long as you are well wrapped up. The balcony looks really inviting and I wish that Lou and I could join you on it. Think I might go for a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows though. I had hoped to visit Lou and Lesley this year but the virus has put paid to that. Something special for Mary and I to look forward to next year perhaps.

    Oh, six months is a long time. Do you think you will go for the op? It might be worth it if it makes a difference. I am thinking that Melbourne is a long way to go to see a specialist. What lovely city though.

    I will be FaceTiming my sister in Texas this evening. She is 6 hours behind us and it will be around 38 degrees. Wish I could see her too.

    Hope you are enjoying a nice relaxing weekend Lou. We are busy reading all the documents relating to our new apartment. Crumbs, all that jargon to figure out and my brain isn't what it used to be. I did notice that I'm not allowed to use my skateboard in the building or gardens - oh well, you have to make some concessions don't you. 😂.The buyer's surveyor told our estate agent that he was impressed at how well we have maintained our house which was lovely to hear. The credit goes to Mary though as all I have done is write out the cheques.

    Love to you both

    🤗🤗💖💝🍰 ☕️

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,441 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good morning/ evening friends 😊🤗.

    I hope you had good weekends, ours was a little weird. Perhaps because I just couldn't get warm, so consequently didn't feel like motivating myself to do much!!

    Margy the view from your decking is fantastic, what a difference when the fog lifted!

    Yes, Rob we will get together one day! Whether it is in Jersey or the UK. And Margy you know we will meet too!! 😊😄

    Oh yes, moving house documents are headache inducing things, bless you. But at least you made note of the skateboarding restrictions! Perhaps you and Mary could slide down the stair rails instead. 😂😂.

    Or perhaps not!!

    Chat to you soon I hope,

    Lou xx

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 795 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Rob, I forgot to say, I used to love 'Smash' potato, we had it a lot as kids, I don't know why my mum did it though as she was usually so against convenience foods generally. It tasted yummy, I am not sure if I would still feel the same about it today. Hahaha😂😂


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