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JimjamJimjam Posts: 15

Please any tips or hints dealing with severe constipation. Have drunk endless amounts of water strong tea fruit and vegetables but as soon as I manage to pass something with difficulty the whole problem starts all over again. I did get some dulc Ease from my chemist. Going to phone in Monday to see if they can give me a prescription for something else


  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,445 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Jimjam

    I am really sorry you have encountered this. It is very common, and the meds you are taking to help you through chemo will be contributing big time to the problem.

    My oncologist prescribed me Laxido, an orange flavoured powder, comes in a sachet. At first it would take a day or two to take effect, after that I took it everyday.

    I did also resort to eating a tin of prunes in juice! That worked! But don't leave the house any time soon after!!

    The pain and stomach cramps are awful to cope with, I do feel for you. It is horrible.

    Thinking of you, sending huge hugs,

    Lou xx

  • MaggieMMaggieM Posts: 1

    Streggol powder ( prescribed by oncologist) worked really well for me last round of chemo. Tastes disgusting, try one or 2 sachets morning and night followed by glass of water. I haven’t had to use this time. Just had small glass of prune juice this morning and everything seems to be working well. Good luck.


  • JimjamJimjam Posts: 15

    Thank you for your tip. I got changed to cosmocol on Monday which has done the trick.

    As fast as I solve one problem another starts. Now I have a sore itchy eye which I think might be caused by an allergic reaction to my hair and eye lashes falling out. My hair was taken of very short earlier this week so very fine bits are coming out and making me itch

  • debbiegdebbieg Posts: 3

    Movicol was the only thing that works for me. Has virtually no taste and you can take it every day if you need to. You simply adjust the amount you need.

  • LoopyluLoopylu Posts: 1

    I too suffered with severe constipation due to chemo and meds.

    As well as what you're doing I found going for walks, as far as you can manage. If it's only to first lamp post at first. Also eating popcorn!!!

    My heart goes out to you, as i know how uncomfortable n upsetting this makes you feel

  • Hi Jimjam, I had the same itchy problem when my hair started to fall out, I had it cropped very short as well, my Nurse advised me to try Johnsons baby shampoo which made it worse, was then advised by my hairdresser to try Dove Baby shampoo which has cleared it up nicely, seems to be just trial and error to find the right shampoo really ! Good Luck.

  • JimjamJimjam Posts: 15

    Thanks so much for that. My head is driving me crackers today with the itching and tenderness. It get worse in evening, I've taken some paracetamol which usually seems to help a bit, but at moment nothing seems to help

  • 4Gretton4Gretton Posts: 39 ✭✭✭

    For me it’s a sachet of laxido night and morning, plus 2xsenna tablets at bedtime. It’s funny how since having bowel cancer I feel absolutely able to speak to complete strangers about my poo without any embarrassment!!

    Good luck

  • DeebeeDeebee Posts: 3

    Hi Jimjam.

    Re constipation, is there a possibility that you're suffering from faecal impaction rather than constipation? That's what I was told I had when I thought it was ordinary constipation. I was given an enema and prescribed a laxative, Movicol.

    Re itchy scalp and skin, I was told to take an anti-histamine tablet every day, which did the trick. I took Cetrine, which you can buy over the counter.

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