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Is there a template we can follow to ensure we get follow-up appointments on time?

At a focus meeting at Imperial yesterday I discovered I was not alone in finding GPs, hospitals etc. treat us very badly once we have finished basic treatment. I feel embarrased keeping on having to remind my surgery that I still haven't had Scans, follow-ups, check-ups etc. And as for anything 'new' - I moved, needed an annual DEXA Scan, and the GP phoned me weeks after I'd requested this to ask me "what is a DEXA Scan" !!!!

Is there a way we can short-cut this stressful chasing up, and arrange our appointments ourselves please?


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    Sorry to be so late responding, I can't believe that your GP asked you what a DEXA Scan is! Even if he somehow did not know, he would have been better advised to look it up on his computer.

    I live in Jersey and we have our own Health Service. We actually have to pay for an appointment with our GP, or for scans, usually around £50 per visit, not only do they arrange the appointments but they always send reminders a couple of days before. That might sound a bit extreme to people in the UK but it sure keeps the waiting rooms clear of malingerers.


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    Rob, What you tell me sounds so sensible. Here in UK we pander to malingerers, time-wasters and those so arrogant that they make appointments - then don't think of others and never cancel as it's too time consuming for them to lift up the phone and do so. Here, I desperately need hydrotherapy (I've had polio and water cushions me so I can exercise without falling over). But I have been told to stop as I have had my allocated number of appointments, even though very often pool sesssions are half empty as it's guaranteed that half the patients don't bother to turn up!

    Many, many of us wish that we were charged - £50 seems reasonable, especially if you are ill.


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    Hi Verite

    Yes, it is so selfish when people don’t bother to turn up for appointments when there is so much pressure on the Health Service. I agree that £50 does seem reasonable, but it can get a bit costly if you need to make regular visits.

    My goodness, it is a long time since I have spoken to anyone who has had polio. I remember a boy at my school contracting it and all of the pupils were given a vaccine taken by mouth on a sugar cube. I remember my Mum was terrified that I would get it too.

    What a shame that your hydrotherapy sessions have been stopped. Could you go to the pool when it is open to the general public or is that too risky?

    Take care


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    Sadly, as hydro pools are NHS ones, they don't allow public in. The lie empty, when people would love to use them! Such a bad use of public funding.

    I can see that £50 would mount up - but with Trump saying he's not interested now in NHS, makes me think his Intelligence has told him the NHS is now about bankrupt, and no money.

    I'm scared of the cuts that are due - and to know which services are going to be chopped.


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