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    Hi all, my name's is Vicky, I am a 2 time cancer survivor at the grand age of 42! I was first diagnosed in 2007 with a high grade synovial sarcoma in my right forearm, this was a complete shock and came just before my first born's 1st birthday, I was the first of my family to have cancer! Fast forward 11years  to June 2018 I was diagnosed with grade 3 her2 positive breast cancer at 25wks pregnant with my 3rd baby, had 2 rounds of EC chemo whilst pregnant, had my beautiful baby girl and exactly 4wks later restarted chemo, docetaxel with herceptin and perjeta, had 4 rounds of that and thankfully the tumor shrunk and I went on to have a lumpectomy January 19, followed by radiotherapy in March, I've had 14 subcutaneous herceptin injections with just 4 to go. I'm still finding myself fatigued but am glad to be here for my babies 😄 I'm not looking for sympathy here but when I received my breast cancer diagnosis, I lost my dad to liver cancer we had six months with him from his diagnosis.
    I'm happy to help anyone that needs to chat, I will always be honest, no beating around the bush here!! 🍀
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    Hi @MrBumpsMum welcome to the Community and thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like a very complex and long journey but I am glad to hear that you are going strong! The community is full of members looking to share and I hope you enjoy being part of our wonderful community :smile:

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    Hi Vicky
    Welcome to our friendly group.  Wow, you have been through a lot but thank goodness you are cancer free at last and just four injections to go. 
    It must have been devastating to lose your Dad at the same time as you were diagnosed with cancer yourself. 
    I guess it was also pretty tricky managing your cancer during pregnancy, and what good news that your baby daughter was delivered safely. 

    I am not surprised that you are fatigued with all that you have been through and with three young children to look after too. 

    It is very kind of you to offer your help to the community members. We do love to chat and support one another and we also have the ‘Cancer Coffee Break’ where we can chat about anything other than the disease which is fun to do. 

    Rob x 


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    Hi Vicky, 

    It is lovely to ‘meet’ you. 
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, I am so pleased for you that everything is working out well for you.
    You have been through so much since your first diagnosis and then to be diagnosed while expecting your daughter, I can only imagine the difficulties.
    I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad, I do understand that only too well. 
    I too was diagnosed with breast cancer, unfortunately not the first in my family, it has run riot! But the treatments and operations were successful for me, and I am now free of cancer. 
    I hope the remaining Herceptin injections are as ‘easy’ on you as possible, I know they can bring debilitating side-effects, I hope you are able to manage those. You have a young family which I am sure keeps you on the go constantly. I hope you are able to enjoy the school holidays with them, getting out and about. 
    I have read your other post, thank you for posting, it is always brilliant when the community is able to offer a listening ear or friendly perspective on whatever it is. 
    Have a great day, 

    Lou x
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    Just over a year ago now, I finally spoke to my GP about the few times I had noticed blood in my urine and that became the start of a life transforming whirlwind. I quickly got booked in for all the scans and tests then I had the first of (So far) 3 bladder ops. The first to remove a big tumour was Oct 2018, followed by the hormone therapy (which was botched, I ended up on 5 months of tablets instead of 4 weeks, then the Radiotherapy on my prostate had to be halted to have another op to remove more clusters in my bladder. This was in Feb and then I underwent the 22 session Radiotherapy only to discover I needed yet another Bladder op and then was told by the surgeon that he had to remove nodules that had not shown themselves before and to expect an on-going follow-up every three months. Don't know what more to say really but this latest diagnosis has really knocked me. Before this news, I was going along thinking the next treatment would be the last. I never, ever expected to be told: "Its going to be on-going". The operations and all the procedures with it are bearable. The catheterising ISNT. The first and the last were excruciatingly painful. In fact, I had to call the district nurse because I was in agony. Blood clots had blocked it and I really don't want to go through that pain ever again and I am thinking of refusing to be cathetered. It was that bad. Anyway, that's been the main focus of my past 12 months. Hi everyone!

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    Hi Pete,

    Welcome to the community, I am really so sorry to hear of everything you have gone through and now even more treatments ahead of you without an end in sight. It truly sounds horrendous, you have endured a lot of suffering.

    Are you able to talk with your oncologist more or nursing team about how terrible the catheterising process is? Is there anything else that can be done to help that process?

    I know Rob, @RobertA , and others here will understand more about the experiences you have gone through. I am sure you will be able to have ‘like-minded’ chats, knowing people actually ‘get’ what you are talking about. All of us will understand completely about the impact cancer has caused. It turns your life around, inside out, upside down. You have spent the last 12 months focusing on physically getting through operations, treatments, now to find you need more is a tough blow. It is really tough mentally and emotionally dealing with cancer, I think lots of us parked that aspect while concentrating on the physical stuff going on.

    You are always welcome to come here and chat, vent, rage, whatever it is. I hope you will find help and support whenever you need it, everyone is very friendly, aiming to help each other along at whatever stage we are at.

    Chat soon

    Lou x

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    @Pete1 @LouiseJ

    Hi Pete

    My situation is different inasmuch as I have advanced and aggressive prostate cancer though the cancer has moved the other way and has not invaded my bladder. I have been through the radiotherapy you describe and I am on long term hormone therapy, via infusion to keep the cancer under control.

    I guess from what you say, that you have/ have had bladder cancer which has spread to your prostate, or maybe it is prostate cancer which has invaded your bladder.

    I get completely, the discomfort and distress which can be caused by the catheterising, especially when it gets blocked and I feel for you. Unfortunately, the point of the catheter is often to help wash the blood clots and debris from your bladder following surgery and I would in all honesty discuss the risks with the specialist before refusing the procedure.

    I too, have quarterly follow ups and blood tests and in truth, I have got used to them and I know that they are helping to keep me safe. I sincerely hope that you will find going forward, that the follow up checks are just that and not an expectation that the cancer will return.

    As Lou said, dealing with cancer is tough both physically and mentally and I rely a lot on the lovely people in this community where I can chat and moan with people who understand and care.

    I do hope you will keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.



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