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Hello , New here :)

RozzyRozzy Posts: 5
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Hello everyone, My name is Roz and just joined. I am 55 and recently been diagnosed with Inoperable brain tumor (back right), Mass upper left chest (lung cancer) and Lesions on lower Spine/nerves. (left) I was into see my Oncolgist last week but still I seem to be very confused about it all. He said they are waiting for results back from the one Spinal Biopsy ( had 3 samples taken)) and suggested that i start with RT soon. I did not qualify for Chemo. I did ask if i walk away now what were my chances and he said he would give me just 3 mths if i do nothing. Si the RT is to start on the brain tumor and targeting back.

I guess this is where the my real journey begins in deciding what is best. I really would like to try the RT but scared too a I may ned up really ill from it. I have done some research into the CBD/THC but if course wiith triple diagnosis makes it harder and hav read that lots tend to try after they have done the likes of Chemo /RT to keep at bay. Not sure what I am looking for here maybe just general chat or maybe wee bit o advice on how to proceed from here if anyone has had a similar experience Thank you :) x


  • Lisejs29Lisejs29 Posts: 36

    Hello there welcome to the forum , we are a lovely bunch here

    always here for a chat /rant which ever you need xx

  • RozzyRozzy Posts: 5

    Hi Lise, thank you ver much x

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    Hello Rozzy

    I have no knowledge of your diagnosis - I am sure that your oncologist will be able to give you the best options to consider.

    In the meantime, I would also like to welcome you to our community. As @Lisejs29 has said, we love to chat and support one another and I hope you will keep in touch.


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 608 mod


    Hi Roz,

    I just wanted to welcome you to our lovely community, I am so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, as Lise has already said, everyone here is very friendly and supportive. Any time you would like to chat, we are always here.

    I understand you have some very difficult decisions to make, and some of them quite quickly. I would just suggest that before you do, make sure you can find out as much as possible from your oncologist, including all possible side-effects from the radiotherapy. I don't know how radiotherapy affects people with your diagnosis. I had breast cancer, and for me the side-effects were extreme fatigue, which built up over time, and redness/sunburn on my skin. I had also had chemo and surgery before that, so some of my effects were probably all mixed up with that treatment.

    You will find a lot of understanding here, even if the cancer is different, there are many similarities that many of us experience irrespective of the type of cancer. I am sure you are probably still in shock from the news, If we can help you, just give us a shout.

    When are you expecting to see your oncologist again? Do you have other family/friends around you to support you?

    Thinking of you and here for you,

    Lou xx

  • RozzyRozzy Posts: 5

    Hi Lou, yes thank you very much for advice and i will b speaking with him again next week x Yes my daughter has been very supportive in all this and I am initially over the shock so at the stage of no dealing and trying to look at what i could do x So glad i found this Site x

  • RozzyRozzy Posts: 5

    Hi Robrt an thank you very much x

  • gloden02gloden02 Posts: 51 ✭✭

    Hi Rozzy. Just seen your post and wanted to say glad you have found us. There are some lovely folks here and it really helps just to chat. It’s a very frightening time I know. As Lou said find out as much as you can from your team before making decisions.. I have had Chemo and radiotherapy. I found radiotherapy much easier than the chemo. Hope you get some answers soon and start your treatment.sending you lots of love and hugs. Gloria xxx

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