Looking after my hubby

Morning I am looking after my hubby and I have been off work I don’t do being off work if that makes sense so this has been very important to me being with him on our journey HR have now started asking when am I returning to work any advice would help thank you.

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  • RobertARobertA Posts: 446 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Deebo

    There is nothing I can really add to Lou’s helpful and informative post. I would like to mention though, how incredibly helpful MacMillan Cancer Support were to me and also to my wife at a very difficult time during my cancer treatment. The pressure on the carer is often overlooked and I hope that you have family and friends who are able to support you.

    I would also like to welcome you to our friendly community. We are here for one another and I hope that you will keep in touch.

    Rob x

  • DeeboDeebo Posts: 3

    Hi thanks both off you for getting in touch I thought it was going to be hard but never this hard we feel like two steps forward four back I am struggling with the support as I don’t like saying but I will and I do no a few off us who have not had support from McMillan which has shocked us and wondering why was sent over to see a counsellor but she was more interested in who was coming in through the door and there was no connection between us am I just being rude just being a horrible 🦋 I am so rubbish at writing sorry 😎

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