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    Hi Brenda

    Lovely to hear from you. We are getting posts from people far and wide now and it is great to hear from someone living in Germany.

    I am sorry to hear of your long stay in hospital and delighted to know that you are now well enough to be running around after your granddaughters.

    I have not experienced chemotherapy but I have had radiotherapy which I think, as Lou @Sunshinedaff has mentioned, you will find much less distressing. I was recommended to use Dermol 500 too. I was a bit disappointed at first because it does not lather but I got used to that. In fact, I still use it for washing in the shower and for moisturising as I find it easy to apply and gentle on my skin. I do not know about your other moisturiser but I also use Cetraben cream which is fragrance free and very soothing.

    I hope you will keep the n touch. This is a lovely community full of kind and caring people who love to support one another.

    Rob x

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    Hello Rob, and thanks for your kind welcome. I have noticed how friendly and supportive everyone is, I hope people will think the same about me!

    Best wishes

    Brenda x

  • Hi,

    Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I've joined the community in the hope I can help other cancer patients, in particular melanoma patients.

    I was first diagnosed with Stage 1 melanoma at age 39 in 1996. Sadly it returned and I was diagnosed Stage 3 in 2009. I'm very lucky to still be NED (No Evidence of Disease - the melanoma equivalent of remission) and I still have annual checks and dodgy moles removed (thankfully all benign). Melanoma is the 5th most common cancer now in the UK yet there is very little support out there for those who are being investigated for it and those who have just been diagnosed with it so if I can be of any help to anyone here, just ask. Along with my own personal experience of melanoma I also know many patients of all stages through my being a member of a group which arranges an annual Melanoma Patients Conference, so if anyone has a question that I can't answer, I usually 'know a man who can'. I have also recently lost my mum & aunt to ovarian cancer so I sadly have a some experience of this cancer.

    Wishing you all strength,


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    Hi, I'm Sharon.

    I'm a primary school teacher that was diagnosed in October 18 with invasive lobular breast cancer. I had to stop work.. I've done chemo and had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed but then had to go back 3 weeks later to have a full masectomy. That was 2 weeks ago. I'm doing well and very positive about it all. Just waiting for radiotherapy now.

    But hi.

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    Hi Angie

    Great to hear from you and I am so pleasedto know that you are NED.

    It is very kind and thoughtful of you to offer your support and help for others who are suffering with melanoma. It will be very much appreciated in the Community.

    So sorry to hear that you have recently lost your Mum and Aunt to ovarian cancer. You must miss them.

    My Dad was a Yorkshireman though I was born over the border in Durham. My oldest friend lives in Masham not far from Ripon which is where I went to school.

    Welcome to our group of caring and friendly people. We love to chat and support each other and it is lovely to have you with us.

    Rob x

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    Hi Sharon

    A warm welcome to our community.

    Wow, you have been through a lot and it is great to hear that you are so well and positive.

    I have not had chemo but I know from our members, that it is very challenging and you must be pleased that it is over now. I have had radiotherapy and I think that you will find it much easier than chemo though it can be tiring as the effects tend to be cumulative. There are some interesting comments and suggestions about it earlier in this thread and you may find them worth reading.

    I love being part of this community. It is full of courageous and caring people who don’t mind when you are having a bad day and who celebrate the good ones with you.

    It is lovely to haveyou with us.

    Rob x

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    Thanks for the welcome Rob.

    This is the one and only cancer related thing I've joined.

    Am very lucky to have a wonderful partner ( he does worry alot) and brilliant family and friends that have been my side. It has been difficult at times as we lost mum to cancer a year prior to my diagnosis. But I must add my local hospital it's nursing team and surgeon have been and are fantastic. My reasons for joining to chat with others and offer any help and commeradery that I can. X

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    Hi Sharon,

    Welcome to our lovely community, so great to have you here with us.

    I am sorry about your diagnosis, you have already been through a lot with major surgery and chemo and I am really glad you are recovering well from the mastectomy. You have come to the right place, especially if this is the only cancer place you have been. (me too!)

    Do you have a start date for radiotherapy? For me I found it so much easier than either chemo or surgery, I hope you do too.

    I am sorry for you loss of your mum to cancer, that must have been very hard for you and then to be diagnosed yourself brings it all back again.

    I was also diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, I had chemo, a mastectomy and radiotherapy, then much later follow up surgery as part of recovery. I am very pleased to say I no longer have any cancer, just taking meds.

    This is a great place to come and chat, you will soon get to know us I am sure. I used to be a teaching assistant in a first school, but had to stop work after I was diagnosed. I didn't go back in the end.

    Really looking forward to chatting with you,

    Have a good evening,

    Lou x

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    Hi Angie,

    It is an absolute pleasure to have you here with us! Welcome to our friendly community!

    I have read your other posts too, it is so great to have your input and insight into the melanomas you have experienced and it is fantastic that you are still clear of the disease. I am really sorry for your loss of your mum and aunt to ovarian cancer, I know how hard that is to lose loved ones so dear to you.

    I am sure you will be a tremendous encouragement to all those still going through cancer treatment, it is so helpful when we are able to share past experiences with others, as it is reassuring for people to know they are not the only ones going through something.

    I am sure you will get to know us soon, some are bit crazy (of course I couldn't possibly say who!🤣), as well as the serious side of cancer, we do also like to laugh a lot and have some fun.

    Looking forward to chatting soon, have a great evening,

    Lou x

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    Thanks sunshinedaff. No date yet for radiotherapy waiting for the call. Started the tamoxifen today.

    Funny thing is when I had my last ct scan to determine if they had got all the cancer ,which they have, they found I've got gallstones and something wrong with my uterus. I don't do things by half. So got 2 ultrasound scans next week. Hospital seems like my second home now. Lol. Xx

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    Oh no really!! Small mercies I guess, at least it was picked up on the CT scan. It's good you don't have long to wait for the ultrasound.

    Ah yes, lovely Tamoxifen! I hope they are ok for you. I didn't know what a hot flush was until I started taking those! Hahaha. Chemo had out me put me into the menopause, but I hadn't noticed anything until Tamoxifen🤣🤣.

    But I don't have cancer anymore, so it's all good and worth it! 🙂

    I know what you mean, becoming on first name terms with the drs and nurses you spend so much time there 😂. We are blessed with our NHS, and all who work in it. They did wonders for me!

    Have a good night,

    Lou x

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    Thanks for the lovely welcome Rob & Lou. I look forward to getting to know you all and helping to support those I can along the way.

    Angie xx

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    Hello, Yorkshirelass5010!

    I'm a Yorkshire lass too, by birth, now living in Germany. I'm not one of the crazy ones..🙂 Welcome!

    Brenda x

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    Haha, thought I'd just clarify in case anyone thinks I meant them! I mean me! 😂😂. Not casting nasturtiums on anyone else.. haha 😂🤣

    Have a great day!

    Lou x

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    Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I am recovering from cholangiocarcinoma which is a tumour in the bile ducts within the liver. I have recently finished 6 months of chemo. Looking forward to chatting with everyone here, Blessings to you all

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    Hello Chris,

    Welcome to our community, it is lovely to 'meet 'you. I hope you will find it a place of great support, encouragement and friendship.

    I thought I saw someone else post on here the other day with the same diagnosis, I had not heard of it before, mind you since being part of this community I have heard about so many cancers I had no idea about!

    Well done on getting through the chemo, how is your recovery going? Where are you in your treatment plan?

    My name is Louise, I am one of the community moderators here, you will find me around a lot of the time.

    I used to have cancer, but don't anymore! I was diagnosed in Sept 2015, went through chemo, a mastectomy and radiotherapy. It has been a long road to recovery, with a lot of surprising side effects I hadn't expected on the way. However, I am here, living each day in the best way I can.

    I look forward to getting to know you, if you would like to chat anytime, please feel free to contact me.

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

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    Thank you for the welcome Lou. You sound as if you have been on quite a journey , as do we all I guess! Well done for the positivity and recovery.

    I am struggling greatly with my mental attitude and the tiredness that seems to pervade every day life. My surgeons and liver team had told me that it could take a long time to regain my former energy levels but to be honest I thought they were being overly dramatic and that I would be the one that proved them wrong . Sadly not !

    So nice to be part of this community and to be able to chat with others that truly understand how it can feel.

    kind regards

    Chris x🤩

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    Hi Chris,

    I am glad your oncology team warned you it would take time. It does! I was very surprised at how long it has taken me. I do remember after I had finished treatment feeling even worse than I had during it all! I felt like I had aged to be 100, such an old woman!! It was awful! Now, I would love to still be here at 100, but I have decades left before I reach that marvellous milestone! haha. 😂

    The mental recovery also takes a while too. I found it wasn't until after I had completed treatment that I began to process what had happened. I couldn't understand why I kept crying and I could feel depression creeping on my shoulder. After all, the cancer had gone, what was there to cry about? I had a lovely GP who explained it to me, put it into perspective, I don't know why I hadn't joined the dots myself really, but having someone else see it was very helpful.

    I would suggest if you find things getting increasingly difficult that you contact someone to talk to, don't let it fester and develop into something more serious.

    The tiredness will gradually, very gradually, improve over time. SLOWLY! I have tried to keep moving, to be honest pre cancer, I was a bit of a couch potato, well more like a huge bag of chips!😂 . The most exercise I got was walking around school where I used to work and gardening, which I love. Since I finished treatment I decided I was going to get fit, make the most of my life so I began swimming. I have never been a very good swimmer on account of being terrified of water all of my life. But on our first holiday post-cancer, my family taught me how to swim properly, and now I absolutely love it. It has completely changed me. Talk about regretting wasted years not doing it before. But sometimes it takes something terrible for us to re-evaluate our lives and make the change for the better. That is me now.

    You will get there, little by little, just keep moving forward, step by step, one day at a time.

    Lou x

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    @Chrisk @Lindendar

    I knew I had seen another post about Cholangiocarcinoma,

    I hope you two don't mind me tagging you, thought you could share info if it helps.

    Lou x

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    Hi Chris

    I would also like to welcome you to our lovely friendly Community and I can only echo what Lou has said in her great post.

    Unfortunately, the cancer experience almost always seems to leave physical and mental side effects and that was certainly the case with me. Following three months of fairly intense treatment, I was told that I only needed a quarterly infusion and blood test going forward and to go out and enjoy myself. Far from doing so, I started to feel as if I had been abandoned and slowly withdrew into myself, unable and unwilling to make conversation or to find the energy to do anything at all. I was lucky, because my doctor put me in contact with Macmillan who offered me counselling free of charge. It was not a quick fix, but it helped me to recognise that the cancer had changed my life and how to work my way around that. MacMillan are a great organisation and if you have one in your area it is worth popping in even just for a cuppa and a chat. I found that family and friends were very helpful and supportive, but those who had not experienced cancer could not step into my shoes and ‘get’ how I felt. The lovely people in this Community do of course and I am delighted you have found us. We may have different cancers, but most of us will recognise the post cancer feeling of anxierty and we are here to support and encourage each other. 


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    Thanks Rob. I am at the point of totally not recognising anything of the “old me” at all . I look in the mirror and it is like a stranger reflecting back . Not that I look much different but just not the same. I feel very guilty that I am not as grateful as I think I should be for this second chance and that I am letting down the fantastic skilled surgeons who battled so hard to keep me alive.

    Sorry about that , not sure where that came from , but it must be inside gnawing away I guess.

    I am lucky to have a Maggies cancer support centre near by who are absolutely amazing but I just don’t feel as if I am getting to grips with any of my feelings . Still it is early days and I try to be positive. Some days I don’t have the energy tho .

    I hope you are accepting your new situation and enjoying life . Summer is coming and hopefully we can look forward to some lovely sunny days.

    Thanks for your message I really appreciate it

    Kind regards


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    Hi Chris,

    I was just reading your reply to Rob, it is not unusual to feel as though you have changed somehow since cancer reared its ugly head and invaded your life. I think having cancer does change us in so many ways, that it isn't until afterwards we recognise that we have changed, and it feels different. Do not feel guilty about how you feel. You know the surgeons and team you had, are not thinking 'Oh, you know that ChrisK, after all we've done I don't know why they are not dancing on the roof tops and swinging through the trees with delight!' No-one is thinking that. You have been through an extremely tough time, physically, mentally, emotionally, in every way. There is some fall-out from that. Don't judge yourself harshly, no-one else is, or shouldn't. Parts of the person you were before cancer are still there, parts of you have probably changed. It will take time to re-adjust to life, you may not get back to where you were, you may have to find a new normal. It is great you have access to a Maggies Centre, it is early days, I am sure they are fantastic. Some days will be better than others, don't worry about that. Sorry, didn't mean to go on so, haha, I just was feeling for you feeling guilty! Please don't.

    Lou x

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    Hi Chris

    Once again, I agree with everything that Lou has said. The way you feel is not unusual and there is absolutely no reason to be sorry or guilty about it.

    You have been through an awful lot Chris and life may never be quite the same again but you will get used it as I did. Thank you for your kind wishes - I am enjoying life again and if you take your time and are kind to yourself, you will too.

    I hope that you will keep in touch. There are some amazing, friendly and caring people in this community which is now such an important part of my life. Have a look at the 'Cancer Coffee Break’ section too. We sometimes like to get away from the cancer and have a bit of fun.


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    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer had an op and now going through chemo for 6 months.  Im blessed that
    they managed to get the uninvited guest out of me and now working on her hopefully not returning too soon.
    It all knocked me and my partner upside down to begin with but now my fortnightly hospital visits for bloods and
    chemo are just part of my life and i have no choice but to get on with it and i do try with a smile on my face but
    its so good to have people who are going through similar to be able to reach out to and chat with even at 4 in the
    I look forward to our chats HUGE hugs to you all xx
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    Hi @Pinkpoodle

    It is lovely to hear from you and great to know that your cancer has been removed. 

    I am not surprised that your diagnosis knocked you and your partner upside down, it is a feeling most of us in this community have experienced, but as you say, we have to get on with it and we do get used to it.  
    Hopefully, you are not finding the chemo too unpleasant and at least it is good to know that it is making sure the cancer does not return. 

    I have just had the results of blood and bone density tests which show that my own treatments are still effective and keeping my cancer at bay. My wife and I normally go out to celebrate each time the results are good, but we have had visitors and we are celebrated out.🥳

    It is good to hear that you are doing so well and also that you have found us. We love to chat, and support each other through the cancer journey and beyond. Not necessarily at 4 in the morning though. 😴

    Rob x 

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    Hi @Pinkpoodle , @RobertA

    A very warm welcome you, I am so glad you have found our lovely community, I hope you will soon get to know us. Everyone is very friendly and supportive here. 
    I am so glad for you that treatment so far has been successful in removing the cancer, I understand how difficult chemo can be, it is a tough treatment, but worth it when it is effective. 
    There are many others here diagnosed with bowel cancer, all at differing points of treatment and recovery. 
    From what I have read and heard here from others going through a similar diagnosis, what you have been through is horrendous and a great ordeal. I had breast cancer, but compared to some with bowel cancer I feel I got off lightly. I am not surprised you and your partner have been knocked about and been through the mill. Being diagnosed with cancer changes your life overnight, coming to terms with it, and dealing with all the thoughts, emotions and mental stresses can take a long time to process, not including the physical aspects of everything.

    You are quite right, having others to chat with, especially those in a similar situation to yourself can be so helpful. Just being able to talk freely without worrying about what others think is also a huge thing. Even if the cancer is different, I think everyone can identify with you in many things as there are so many similarities that affect us all when dealing with cancer.

    Rob, you made me laugh! Hahaha! @Pinkpoodle , unlike Rob, I am often up in the small early hours...hahaha, I have a daughter who starts work at an unearthly hour, and I am the alarm clock! So anytime you are around then, I probably am too! Also, some of our lovely members are living in Australia and New Zealand, they too will be up!

    Wishing you a peaceful, restful evening, chat to you again soon, 

    Lou x
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    Hi Pinkpoodle! Like you I'm going through treatment for bowel cancer, yes all pretty daunting at the beginning, had 4 rounds of chemo then 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo I'm now at the stage that my tumours have reduced and can have surgery! So pleased and relieved that at last I'm at the stage that they can operate!Surgery next then last lot of chemo,Blimey! Been along time coming but I'm getting there! You will have lots of support here from people that are going through or been through treatment! We are all here for each other! Lesley xx
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    Hi Lesley, 

    That is wonderful news for you, after all you have been through in recent months. I am so pleased the chemo has been effective. It is so encouraging, I am sure everyone else will be cheering for you too.  :)
    You are amazing! Even when you don't feel it, and having dark days.

    Sending you big hugs! 

    Lou x
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    @Lesley @Sunshinedaff
    Hi Lou
    I'm convinced you never sleep. I'm beginning to think that you must be twins. 👧👧 One on the night shift and the other on the day shift. You have been through so much yourself and you are special. xx

    Hi Lesley
    So lovely to hear from you. You have been through so much too and it is wonderful to hear that your tumours have responded to your treatment. 
    Love your determination and sense of fun. You are an inspiration. xx

    Rob x

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    Thank you both Lou and Rob ! Yes hanging in there! Made me laugh about Lou and her twin sister! You are both very special too!😙
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