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Prostate cancer

MarkMark Posts: 3

Hi my name is mark

I am new to forums.

I am 54 and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 18. Thankfully it is in the early stages and is only in the prostat.

My journey started with back pain which was been put down to a back injury. After a friend of mine had been diagnosed with prostat cancer he pushed me to get a psa test. As my back was getting worse I had a full health check but had to ask for a psa test and was told it is not normally done with out symptoms to suggest prostat issues .

In short after been tested it was found to have a prostate cancer. I am now 3 weeks post op I had a robotic prostectomy. I have been treated very well by all medical staff .

I fell that I am on a roller coaster at the moment I have the expected post op issues which at this early stage is expected I am interested in any other experience and how they may have got on.



  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Mark

    Thanks for posting and welcome to our friendly group.

    First of all, well done your friend and great that you caught it so early. I find it really frustrating that many doctors are still reluctant to do a PSA which is just a simple blood test. I had no early symptoms whatsoever, but by the time I was diagnosed, the cancer had spread into my seminal vesicles and a lymph node and any further delay and I could have been facing bone involvement. Because the cancer had spread, I did not have the op - I had radiation therapy and I am now on long term androgen deprivation treatment (ADT).

    I am a member of a prostate support group which is supported by MacMillan Cancer Support here in Jersey and I am familiar with the post op issues you are facing from the experiences of others in the group. I understand from them that things settle down fairly quickly and I hope that will be your experience too. Are you on ADT, or is your treatment effectively over now?

    I am an enthusiastic campaigner to persuade all men over the age of 50 to have a PSA test at least once a year and my group often visit local supermarkets and chat to men and women about that at checkout.

    I did a Q& A in the stories and info section should you be interested. The blog post is here: https://livebetterwith.com/blog/how-i-live-better-with-prostate-cancer-robert-from-jersey/

    Great to hear from you and I hope that you will keep in touch and let us know how you get on.


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    By the way, if you want to discuss issues around the possible side or after effects of prostate cancer treatment, you are most welcome to contact me privately.


  • MarkMark Posts: 3

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for your response . I am awaiting the lab results and my first check up with the consultant at this point no further treatment are planned.

    I will post again when I have more news.


  • MarkMark Posts: 3

    Hi all

    Sorry I have not posted for some time.

    I had my prostate removed in April and have been recovering well. I am now awaiting a check up but I feal good in my self.

    As for my journey I had a robotic prostectomy followed by 2 weeks with a Catheter fitted, that was not pleasant, things have been healing since my toilet control has all but returned with only the occasional issue usely when standing. The other male issue is improving with the aid of tablets.

    This has been a difficult journey for me as before been diagnosed I only thought I was suffering with a bad back but unfortunately this was nothing to do with my cancer and I am now dealing with that. But I will say any men out there get your PSA checked as I had no other symptoms and was discouraged by my GP to have the test as there was no course for concern. I only had the test based on my friend pushing me to get tested as he had got prostat issues, which was not found in time.

    I am now awaiting my second check up which my PSA will be checked again my post operation results where 0.008 fingers crossed that stays there.

    I will post again with any news


  • JerseyBobJerseyBob Posts: 133 ✭✭✭


    Hi Mark

    Thank you for posting and telling us of your experience of prostate cancer surgery and its subsequent effects. As you will recall from our posts of 21st and 23rd April respectively, we have both endured the frustration of being told that a PSA blood test was not necessary even though this simple procedure can give an early indication of prostate cancer which often has no symptoms until it has advanced beyond the prostate.

    It is great to know that you are overcoming the unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects of your surgery and that your PSA is virtually nil. I do hope that it stays that way and that you are now cancer free.

    Like you, I am Constantly telling men and their wives how important the PSA test is for men, especially after the age of 50. I do get some strange looks but if we can get this message home as your friend did, it will be worth it.

    Thanks again for letting us know how you are getting on. Reading about your experience will be really helpful to others.



  • RichswifeRichswife Posts: 6

    Hi, I’m the wife of a 50 year old man named Richard, hence the forum name. He had the PSA blood test in October 2019 we think the box was ticked by mistake by a specialist we were seeing for sleep apnoea as he was asking for a load of blood tests for another reason. Once the results came through our GP said now I’ve seen that result I’ll have to do another test to compare. The first one came back as 70 and the second was 72 two weeks later. His cancer was confirmed at the end of November.

    He then had scans and 12 biopsies which all came back cancerous. It’s been said he could have been walking round with it for years. He was offered the Brachytherapy because of his age and fitness they said he would be an ideal candidate. My husband is self employed and didn’t want to be taking any more time off than necessary so this 1-2 weeks rest was the best option. He had Atrial Fibrillation operated on a couple of years ago but with all the extra stress of this, his heart started beating irregularity and he was in hospital four days. Once out the oncology dept rang and said his cancer op had been cancelled until they were happy his heart was OK. I understand that perfectly but why couldn’t they have given him an epidural instead. He’s not squeamish and would have watched the whole op on the camera with interest. Anyway he’s now waiting for heart tests which are next week and then hopefully a new op date.

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Rich’s wife and welcome to our friendly community.

    I am delighted to hear that Richard had the PSA test at the age of 50. It is a simple blood test and catching the cancer before it breaks through the Prostate wall makes all the difference. As you know, there are often no symptoms. I was not diagnosed until after the cancer had spread beyond the prostate and it is now my mission to tell men and their wives to ask for the test as soon as the man reaches 50.

    I am sorry to hear about Richard’s heart condition. It is not surprising that it has been affected by the stress of his cancer diagnosis. I do hope that it will settle down and that he will be able to have the brachytherapy treatment before too long.

    I hope that you will keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

    Rob x

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