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Really really dry skin

Hi all. So many things I want to talk about here. I have very dry skin and nothing seems to work. IThe cold is not helping now., nor is being inside with heating. Does anyone have the same and what do you do?


  • cosiecosie Posts: 31 ✭✭
    Ok so I put lots of olive oil on my hands, yes literally the olive oil from the kitchen, and then I wear gloves and watch TV. Hope this helps  =)
  • August16August16 Posts: 10
    I found three helpful websites for information on moisturisers - and online purchasing with them:
    - living better with of course
    https://www.notanotherbunchofflowers.com/ an English lady who had breast cancer, then started up her own site to help those with cancer, and also friends and family - when it comes to purchasing gifts and products to make living with cancer easier.
    - MooGoo https://moogoo.com.au/ Australian skin care company started by a mum.  There is an oncology pack... the products are good.

    and finally - bio oil which is the go to product for stretch marks, and it has helped me with scars, dty skin, cellulitis 
  • VeritercVeriterc Posts: 19
    I agree re La Roche Posay.  This was specially developed for cancer patients, clinically trialled etc.  The French really take our skin problems seriously.  Their centre at La Roche Posay treats about 10,000 of us a year with skin problems.   Washington Cancer Center has developed iS Clinical, Flexitol is the Australian product, Living Nature developed for New Zealand's cancer association.  Japan and Iceland have developed special products for cancer drug side effects. UK is probably only major country where NICE hasn't done a darn thing for us, except approve aqueous creams that London Fire Brigade condemns!   
  • NanaBubblesNanaBubbles Posts: 136 ✭✭✭

    I agree with La Roche Posay items which are excellent and all the previous comments. Since falling and skinning my leg so that I needed a skin graft, I have also been introduced to Hydromol ointment which can be used to both wash and rub into dry skin. You can get a big tub from Boots/pharmacies (might need to order the big size) which lasts for ages and not expensive. I have also used Dove baby wash and Nature’s Best coconut body butter when skin not quite so bad, also had Oilatum Bath Oil prescribed previously and added a few carefully chosen drops of aromatherapy oils into the same bath water. The trouble with the very oily creams and washes is that you may make your bath or shower tray very slippery so be careful!

    My skin has been extremely sensitive since starting Immunotherapy with psoriasis type patches and extreme itching for which my Oncologist has prescribed an antihistamine and a steroid cream for the psoriatic areas both of which have helped a lot.

    I hope you find something which suits you and will help. Best wishes.

  • DollDoll Posts: 1

    I use Aveeno for extra dry skin and it has made my skin so soft.Alo it is inexpensive and goes a long way.Hope this helps

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