Depression after treatment

Hi there, i finished chemo and radio treatment December 2018 and thought I would be ok but unfortunately I feel like I am suffering more now than what I was during treatment. Is it normal to feel low and depressed even though I am in remission?


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    Hi @Triciamony ,

    I would like to welcome you the community, you will find many people here who will understand what you have been through and are currently going through.

    It is wonderful news that your treatment has been successful and you are in remission.

    Yes, is the answer! It is very common to find yourself feeling low and depressed even though you have come through the worst time.

    I know we wonder why, but it is not surprising really. A cancer diagnosis and all the subsequent appointments, scans, treatment etc has a massive impact on our mind as well as our body. While we are undergoing various treatments, often we don’t get a chance to process and work through what is happening. It was that way for me. It was very surreal, and also like living in a whirlwind, everything moved so fast.

    For myself, it was after treatment had ended that I found myself crying, feeling low, starting to become depressed. I couldn’t work out why, after all the cancer had gone , what was there to be sad about?

    Thankfully I was able to speak to my GP, who explained it to me, putting a lot into perspective.

    Is there anyone you can speak to? Obviously you are more than welcome to chat here, it’s good to seek medical attention if you keep going downhill.

    You have been through a tremendous, scary, life-threatening ordeal, that was not just a simple stroll in the park. It is very early days for you since finishing your treatment, recovery from everything can take a long time. It may take time, but things will improve, take it one day at a time, be kind to yourself.

    Come and chat often, everyone here is very friendly, and even if the cancer is different, there are many similarities that affect us all the same.

    Best wishes to you,

    Lou x

    P.S. Under the category ‘What’s on your mind today’, there is a discussion titled ‘Life and living after cancer’, which may be of interest to you. x

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