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Hi i having a mastectomy the end of the second week march I am experienced all the feelings. It's hard to cope sometimes ?


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    Hi @annmarieashton

    Just wanted to say hello and see how you are ?

    I hope you were able to get all the information you needed about your surgery when you met with your surgeon.

    Will surgery be the first part of your treatment?

    As your surgery is in a few weeks take great care in keeping yourself well from colds etc, so that it wont be delayed.

    All of us here understand completely how hard it is to cope with everything that cancer throws at us.

    It is scary, frightening, and the worst thing to hear that you have.

    Anxiety and fear, about treatment, surgery, the future, are all massive things to deal with. It can be very overwhelming and feel very lonely even if we have family and friends supporting us.

    I do hope that you will feel comfortable to chat with any of us here. There are many who have been through what you are about to go through, as well as those going through it at the same point as yourself.

    Can you plan something to look forward to after your treatment has finished, that may give you something other than cancer to try and focus on?

    Please come and chat anytime, we can share ideas, thoughts, anything that is on your mind.

    Hang in there! There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

  • MinksyMinksy Posts: 11

    [email protected]

    I had mastectomy and reconstruction last March 2018. I was very scared, i spoke to mcmillan nurse at worthing hospital, she arranged to take me around to where i would go for the operation and where i would be after. My doctor put me on citalapram as i was crying a lot. I came through it surprisingly well but requested to stay in hospital overnight after the op. I went through chemo which i finished in August 2018.

    My hair is now growing back, and i am off the cetalapram. I have done lots to get over the cancer, i joined a cancer gym and dance class which u go to every week, it was reccomend by the hospital.

    You get medication if needed so you will not be in pain after the op.

    Good luck i wil be thinking of you. Anything you need to ask please do not hesitate to contact me. I had a friend who went through it so i had someone to ask, sometimes just little things xxxx

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