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Knitted Knockers an alternative prosthesis...

Good morning everyone!
It's a beautiful start to the day so far, but I have a feeling that may change!

I wanted all the lovely ladies here who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy to know about a wonderful charity that provide free of charge an alternative to prosthetic boobs.

I came across them after I had my mastectomy, and they visited the coffee morning I attended at the hospital.

Knitted Knockers are a charity who provide knitted prosthesis to women as an alternative to wearing the silicone prosthesis while waiting for a reconstruction or instead of one. 
After a mastectomy it is not possible to wear a bra or anything for quite a while, but once the skin has healed well and a bra is possible, these are a great alternative. I was given a silicone prosthesis as well later on, but I found it quite heavy to wear, even though my size. 
The knitted knockers are so light and comfortable. 
You can even choose between having a nipple knitted or have one without.

They are wonderful, and work! The lady in my area, I believe there are knitters across the country, took my bra size and my name and address, a few days later I received in the post a lovely parcel containing my knitted boobs! 
I received two, one of which was an aqua prosthesis, suitable for swimming with, the other an everyday one.

But not only did I receive the knitted knockers, enclosed with the parcel was a lovely letter from the knitter and a little gift of love heart sweets (you know the ones, we used to have at school!). 
There was so much thought taken over how to present them, they were inside a lovely chiffon type material bag.
To be honest I cried at the kindness shown to me, a complete stranger.
I think this is 'normal' too, and not just the lady that did mine. 

So ladies, if you are interested, check them out. They are also good for those who have had a lumpectomy also, not just for those who have had a mastectomy.

I will do my best to upload a photo, but you know me that's not my forte! It doesn't always work! HAHA , so I will post this first, then do the photo separately!



Lou x


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 686 mod
    Update on Knitted knockers, I am unable to put a photo up a the moment, as it appears I have put them in a safe place! You know, the sort of safe place you can never find again! 
    As soon as I find them I will post a pic. Sorry folks!

    Lou x
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 52
    edited February 2019
    Hi @LouiseJ it makes me so happy to hear you've had a good experience with Knitted Knockers, they're such a brilliant charity!

    In fact they're so beloved that they actually won our Best Mastectomy Product award, as voted for by our Live Better With community!

    You can read our interview with the lovely Knitted Knockers founder Barbara here (and see some more pics of the different knitted knockers they do!)

    Hope you find your misplaced knockers soon! 😅

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 686 mod

    Hi Emily, 

    I didn't realise that they had won an award. I am not surprised though! 
    Yes, No!, no sign of the boobs as yet! haha :p

    Lou x
  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,197 mod
    Hi @LouiseJ

    I just love that name and how lovely that people are so kind and caring. How often do we hear about all the bad, mean things that people do, and yet so little is said about the hundreds and thousands of people who give their skills and time free of charge to others, many of whom they have never even met. 

    Rob x 

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 686 mod
    Hi Rob, 
    Yes, it is wonderful. These ladies (men maybe) that knit these for us, are very generous.
    I think what made it even more special was to have a letter included just to encourage me and wish me well.
    That was above and beyond thoughtful.

    When I was having chemo, and would go down regularly, I would meet the volunteers working at the hospital too, walking the wards, bringing drinks etc, all free, and not charged for. 
    It is only a little kindness, but that is all it takes to change someone's day.

    Lou x

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