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Cancer of the oesophagus

Anthony1388Anthony1388 Posts: 2

I am at present being tested for the above cancer and would appreciate any advice. My symptoms appeared suddenly about three weeks ago.

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  • Hi Antony

    My husband was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer stage 4 in May 2019. Hopefully you will get your results back soon and move forward. If I can be of any help or support let me know.

  • Anthony1388Anthony1388 Posts: 2

    Thank you for your kind thoughts

    I am still in shock I've now been told that I may have barratts .

    But am losing weight and have difficulty swallowing. All my medical test have so far come back with good results. Blood test and ct scan were good. But they only scanned my abdomen and navel.

    Thanks for listening.


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