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cancer in the lining of my brain

dave4753dave4753 Posts: 4

hi my first post so letting you know how I'm getting on, I got diagnosed Sept 18 with lung cancer, it couldn't be cured but can be treated managed and then live with it, then more scans and a meeting with our oncologist we were told it had spread further than they thought and it would kill me in the end, giving me an average of a year to live, I went vegan and 5 months later my cancer is dormant, after 6 sessions of chemo, in July 19 my rib started to hurt on and off, after meeting a new oncologist in Oct he showed us what the problem was and it seems a few cells got left behind and grew, so I had 5 doses of radiotherapy in Nov 19, then in Jan 20, my left side went numb for half an hour, after a hospital stay, and MRI scans, they found a swelling in my brain, after continued numbness on my left, I'm home again with plenty of tablets, but the diagnosis is not good, as it's hard to get to in the lining of my brain, but I'll be having some radiotherapy to help the side effects not to cure it or extend life, we've been here before and feel way too good to even contemplate being near the end, I feel good in myself and confident of beating their predictions again, I feel happy and in a good place with my wife Sonia next to me all the way and family and friends, I wish you and your families all the best with your journeys and will be here for a long time yet xx 😊👍❤👊


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    Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for posting a little of your story, you have been through so much is a short space of time. I am very sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but really glad you are able to remain positive and determined in spite of how cancer is trying to destroy you. I love your t-shirt, very apt and encouraging.

    You are very welcome here, welcome to the community, I hope you and Sonia will find it a place of support, encouragement and friendship. I am glad you have loads of support around you.

    I stand with you in your decision to never give up, to keep living regardless. There are others here who also have similar prognosis, maybe different cancer, but nonetheless, determined to carry on living as best and as full as they can. I am sure others will make themselves known to you. We are a friendly group, here for one another on good days and bad days and anything else in-between!

    Hope to chat with you soon,

    Lou x

  • dave4753dave4753 Posts: 4

    thanks Lou

    very kind and feel good in myself so wanted to share and show you can be happy despite what's going on, I'm still living a great life and cancer is so insignificant to it, thanks again and wishing you all the best 😊👍❤👊

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