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Radioactive iodine treatment

Dusty8268Dusty8268 Posts: 2
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My husband will be having this following thyroid cancer..anyone had this..what should I do to help


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    I just wanted to welcome you to our community.

    I am not very familiar with this type of cancer or treatment. A friend of mine had this a couple of years ago though. I am sure you will receive a detailed instruction sheet saying what is to be specifically done. I seem to recall certain protocols had to be adhered to for a set time after the treatment has been administered. This is because of the radioactive element.

    Has your husband has any other treatment or surgery etc to deal with the cancer?

    I am sure there must be others here who will be able to give some insight in to this , hopefully they will come forward and say hello.

    I am sure it must have been a huge shock for you both, adjusting to the news and having to deal with cancer is really hard and the enormity of it often doesn't work it's way out for many months. Please know if you would like to chat at any time, we are here. If you have any other questions or just want to talk, we are here to listen.

    Lou x

  • Dusty8268Dusty8268 Posts: 2

    He has had thyroid removed

  • Hi Dusty,

    My husband has thyroid cancer but a rarer type which doesn't respond to the radio iodine treatment.

    However, I have heard that he should follow a low iodine diet prior to his treatment then he will spend a few days in isolation in hospital while he has his treatment. He'll need to shower several times a day while in hospital to help get rid of the radiation, and then he'll go home.

    Hopefully the hospital will be well supplied with things for him to do to while away the time.

    Before my husband was diagnosed with the rarer type of thyroid cancer we were told he'd have the radio iodine treatment so I was all geared up for it.

    It included thinking of things for him to take to hospital that we didn't want to keep, as the hospital told us that they'd be disposing of everything afterwards due to radiation contamination.

    I hope everything goes well for you.

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