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Caroline Hillyer


I had oesophageal cancer 3 years ago and as a result had part of my stomach removed (ivor lewis op)

Since then I am suffering from a very dry mouth and my lips and tongue feel permanently swollen. I have seen countless consultants and dentists both on the NHS and privately including a hospital in London. The only conclusion is that the chemo has destroyed my salivary glands and I have to live with it . I have sprays and constantly suck sweets.

I wonder if anyone else experiences this and if so what do your do to help the symptoms



  • LeocashLeocash Posts: 5

    Hi Caroline I know how you feel. I used to use coconut oil to swish around my mouth and gargle its anti bacterial and after that try some different teas like fennel or make your own up with herbs. My favourite that works for me is turmeric tea look it up how to make it. I use grated turmeric ginger and honey black pepper and in fuse it in a coffee cafeteria

  • carobab46carobab46 Posts: 3

    thank you

  • LeocashLeocash Posts: 5

    That’s fine I hope it help. One more tip if you get raw turmeric and ginger grate it 2to 1 in favour of the turmeric and put it into a jar of honey this will preserve it also add the black pepper

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