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Stomach acid discomfort after chemo treatment

Any suggestions on how to deal with higher levels of acid discomfort? My son has tried eating banana or yogurt. Any other good ideas? Thank you.


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Phalverson5

    I am very sorry to hear of your son's side-effects from the chemo, my 'go to' meds for that is an antacid , solution. When I was having chemo my oncologist prescribed some for me to take because of the effect the chemo drugs were causing. I would suggest you speak to your son's oncologist to see if they can provide anything to help him.

    I don't want to recommend anything specific in case it interferes with the effectiveness of the chemo, it is really important to check with the Dr's first before trying any medicinal relief or alternative remedies.

    I know limiting certain types of food and drink and the timings of consuming these things may make a difference, especially if it is close to night time. Low acidic foods and drinks, reducing caffeine, alcohol etc, not lying down soon after eating or drinking, I am sure you are probably already aware of these things, sorry!

    I do hope your son sees an improvement very soon, sending you very best wishes,

    Lou x


    Hi. I had this problem and was given Omeprazole. It cleared it up straight away. Occasionally, I get it back, but one tablet clears it up.

  • Phalverson5Phalverson5 Posts: 2

    He asked his doctor who prescribed Pepcid and that seems to help alot... but thank you for your suggestions as he may need to change one day if it stops working.

  • dave4753dave4753 Posts: 4

    I found the stomach acid was the worst part of the chemo I had, constant day and night, but gradually eased and had tablets from chemo unit which tasted as bad but did help, lansoprazole, good luck to you, your son and your family with this and wishing you all the best.

    Dave 😊👍❤

  • LeocashLeocash Posts: 5

    Try using a splash of apple cider vinegar I know this is an acid but it works. It must include the mother it’s also called honeygar you can get it at Holland and barret. Also look up turmeric and ginger the benefits on line. It’s better to get fresh turmeric and ginger and grate it add honey and a dash of black pepper you can add milk if you like. Check this out . Best wishes

  • rickydrickyd Posts: 19 ✭✭

    I suffered quite badly from acid discomfort for the first day or two after each chemo. I found that NEXIUM tablets helped a lot. They are non prescription. Hope this helps

    All the best


  • TeacherspetTeacherspet Posts: 4

    I use Gaviscon Advanced from the UK. I have to order it on Amazon as the formula is different than in the U.S.

  • I had horrible stomach acid, which was quite debilitating for many days, and after trying everything I could think of I finally had to contact my oncologist who prescribed an omeprazole, which corrected the problem w/in a couple of days. I first tried prescription ranitidine because of insurance restrictions w/the omeprazole, but my oncologists office went to bat for me and insurance is now paying. Ranitidine was ineffective for me and there has been so much controversy on it’s ingredients that I did not feel comfortable taking it. I was told that our doctors have many medications available and that I shouldn’t hesitate to call with any other problems I might develop in the future.

  • myhappyassmyhappyass Posts: 1

    Has anyone tried Kombucha? It's worked wonders for me!

  • jlsjls Posts: 1

    How did I manage to get the expectation that after surgery, chemo, & radiotherapy etc I'd be good as new? With the intensive treatments now finished, just injections & tablets ongoing, over nearly-a-year, I feel I've aged several years. Still have only half-a day's energy at best, short term memory & working memory letting me down. I look at 4 days of gardening and know in the past that would have taken less than a day.

    During this incarceration, I would so love comfort of walking the dog in the countryside by me. Doesn't feel like I'm being protected when it's taken more than a month to get Sainsbury online ordering back, and I can stray into a "staff only" area of the hospital by accident.

  • riehrieh Posts: 9

    I hope by now that you have managed to find a solution to the acid problem. I experienced the same thing during chemo, my oncologist prescribed me Omeprazole even before I started the chemo however he ended up having to double the dose as one tablet just wasn't sufficient. I can honestly say that my oncology team went to great lengths to ensure I was comfortable, I did still have an odd day where nothing helped but generally speaking the Omeprazole did the trick. If you haven't already I would suggest a discussion with your oncologist as I'm sure they could find something to help settle the symptoms.

    Good luck x

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭



    Welcome to our community, I noticed your post just now, I am sorry you have not had a response before now.

    I do completely understand how you are feeling post treatment. The impact of all the treatment you have had does affect the mind and body enormously, and can also take a very long time to 'reset'. Often though, we have to find a 'new normal', as things may not return to pre-cancer days. I am really sorry you are feeling the impact of this especially now during the lockdown due to the virus.

    Although the drs can give us some of the potential side effects of treatment and meds, I do think there are so many variables that can happen. I know I have found that to be the case. I was not expecting some of the things I have experienced since finishing treatment. I think it is still a day-by-day thing. Once we are out of this virus danger, I hope you will slowly start to see little positive differences. I found swimming after my treatment, and I began to go, building my time up to 5/7 times a week. I found it helped me greatly, both physically and mentally, I cannot wait for the pool to be open again as I can certainly see how I have deteriorated since not being able to go.

    Have you managed to get online deliveries sorted now? I know it has been extremely difficult for many of us here to sort out.

    You are very welcome here, please feel free to come and chat at anytime, we have all sorts of conversations going on, and everyone is very friendly.

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

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