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Bladder Cancer and BCG Treatment side effects

In May this year (2019) I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I have had 3 TURBT procedures since then, the main reason being so close together is that there was some doubt as to whether it was all removed in the first instance. The latest procedure was on the 21st of November which was only for removel of 4 very small tumours at the entrance to my bladders "water pipe" leading from the kidneys, my CT scans 5 weeks ago showed that there was no spread to anywhere else in my body and my bladder was stil clear. However the hospital want me to go on a 6 week course (1 visit each week) for a procedure called BCG Therapy, which is where they put about 50ml of a drug directly into your bladder and you have to lie down for about 2 hours moving from each side and on your back and on your stomach every half hour to saturate the walls of your bladder. This procedure is directed straight to your bladder and does not have the side effects of chemotherapy. I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced this procedure and has any feedback on what to expect from it etc. Thank you.


  • Nancy4Nancy4 Posts: 1


    How did you get on ? Did you have the treatment ?

    My Uncle did ( he's 76 ) and got on well and recovered OK .


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