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Cancer surveillance

Hello, dear friends! My question is what kind of surveillance you have for your cancer recurrence ? I have only chest X-rays for my lung cancer which in the opinion of many specialists is far too inferior to low dose CT. Is it because the cost of X-ray is 15 pounds and CT - about 500 ?


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    Welcome to the community, I think this is an interesting question.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer and since my treatment has concluded I am now having yearly mammograms and a yearly dexa scan (for bone density). I do sometimes feel it is insufficient, especially as the mammograms did nothing to pick up or indicate I had cancer in the first place!

    In fact it wasn't until I had had two ultrasounds, and an MRI that they were able to locate it accurately! Then they had to marry up the MRI and ultrasound to see the differences. They knew I had breast cancer, confirmed from the biopsy of lymph nodes, but the precise location was not obvious. I do wish I could have more detailed check ups, but I think it is as you say down to funding and cost of the procedures. I do not know the costs involved, but I understand them to be very expensive.

    So for the time being I continue to self-check for any symptoms and have yearly check ups with my surgeon and oncologist.

    What does everyone else do? I know from recent chats with a friend it is different in Australia, and of course in the U.S it is different with medical insurance policies etc.

    I hope you are doing ok @Marina60 , have you finished all your treatment etc?

    Lou x

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    @Marina60, Sunshinedaff

    Hi this situation worries me.

    I am currently almost done with radiotherapy (3 more sessions) and will have a follow up with my Consultant in a few weeks. However, after that I will be on yearly mammograms too.

    As my cancer was an early one detected by routine mammogram I was told that I would never have been able to find it myself. I had to have a wire inserted prior to surgery so that the surgeon would know exactly where to operate.

    This is a concern because if it were to recur then all the checking in the world would not find it and I would have to hope that the annual mammogram would !

    I don't know what the answer is. I suppose I should be thankful that we have routine mammograms in place in this country which at least gives people like me a chance to have it detected before is does further damage.

    Jayne x

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    Hi All,

    I wasn't getting any scans at all after my treatment (double mastectomy, chemo, rad) and the reason I was given was that they don't like to bombard people with radiation if they can help it. Besides, I read that a tumour won't show on a scan if it's less than 1cm in size. What shocked me more was the fact that there was no advice on diet / lifestyle choices to help keep me cancer-free. I was told to eat/drink whatever I liked, 'don't change anything'. Then I got metastatic cancer in my spine within 1 year of my treatment. I was also annoyed that it was only then that I was told that chemo is only 30% successful. I would never have taken it had I known that, plus the way it has destroyed my body.


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    I found after treatment that all I was given was drugs for pain or sleep or acid reflux. But by changing my diet I’m now free of reflux I sleep better and I’ve gained weight. I had to find this out for myself putting me back together. Things like ginger turmeric. Honey cider vinegar and raw fruit juices have helped me please look into these

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