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Side effects of Paclitaxel and how to deal with them

Hi, I've been having Chemo for Breast Cancer which has spread to my spine, neck and lymph nodes. I've already had two ops, breast and axillary lymph node clearance, and I had 4 cycles of EC Chemo and am about to have my 4th and last cycle of Paclitaxel. I have been reasonably well and not too sick, which is a bonus, but the Paclitaxel is making my fingers and toes numb and tingling all the time, and my mouth lacks saliva and is also tingling. Has anyone got any ideas for treating this numbness and tingling? I've got the saliva pastilles from this website which helps with the saliva but not the tingling.. Also how long does it last after the Chemo finishes? I start radiotherapy in January, so it would be good if I wasn't still having problems with side effects of the Chemo. Any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks!


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,173 Community Admin


    Hi Hajan, and a warm welcome to our friendly community.

    I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I have not had chemo, but I know from many people in our group that it is tough and I imagine that you will hear from some of them quite soon.

    I have had radiotherapy, in a different area of course, but I am sure you will find it rather less taxing than the chemo.

    I am so pleased you have found us. We love to support one another and to chat.

    Rob x

  • CarolCarol Posts: 5

    Hi Hajan. My experience of paclitaxel was the same and after my first course in 2013 I had pretty much all sensation back by mid/late 2014. This time around it has amplified a little more but the improvements since having western medical acupuncture has been fantastic. I know there are differences between the style used at hospital and the better known eastern traditional method so don’t know if it all has the same outcome but I can certainly recommend my own experience for pain relief and neuropathy

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