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I am new to this forum so thought i would introduce myself

I am Barb and have recently been diagnosed with Cancer for the 3rd/4th time and must admit was shocked at this diagnosis as I thought it was enough for any one person to have cancer once nevermind any more. I was 32 the first time with 2 very young children of 3 and 5. The second time I was 42 and this was a very aggressive one which I had to have 7 months of chemo and radiotherapy. My last one was diagnosed at the beginning of October 2019 so a new one and I am now 63.. i have now had to undergo a mastectomy on one side and as I have the BRCA gene now too I have to have the other taken off too at a later date. Still waiting for tests to identify if I need more treatment but grade 2.

I just wanted to say my mum died at 49 in 1979 with Cancer. The technology and research of today has saved me so many times now and i am here to tell my story, which is as a very short version. We now have so much advanced treatment, care and investigative services to identify this cruel disease that I am so grateful. I can be with my family who are extremely supportive, see my grand children and live my life. My husband deserves a medal.

I think my message to everyone is to stay positive and make sure you check yourself regular and do whatever you want while you can as we never know what is around the corner.


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    Hi Barb,

    Welcome to the community, thank you for sharing your story with us.

    I loved what you wrote, I am sorry you are having to face cancer again after already going through so much.

    Although you have seen loss from cancer, it is good that there has been so much advancement in treatments and diagnosis, that today more lives are being saved where previously it might not have been the case.

    I know there are still many types of cancers that are still very difficult to treat as advancement has not been as strong. We can only hope in these areas breakthroughs will come in time.

    It is wonderful that you have survived through previous treatments, enabling you to spend good quality time with your family and loved ones.

    I agree with you, our loved ones supporting us do indeed deserve medals too. Tough times to endure for everyone.

    Definitely, self-checking and attending routine check up appointments are vital. I was pleased to see in M&S this week in the changing rooms, reminders to women to check their breasts regularly, giving information what to look for. Anything like this helps to save lives.

    I hope you will soon get to know us here, everyone is very friendly and supportive, whatever you are going through. You will find lots of understanding and encouragement too.

    Lou x

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    Hi Barb

    My goodness, you have been through a lot over the last 30 years and I am so sorry to hear that you have had to go through it all again. It must have been devastating to lose your Mum to cancer at such a young age and then to be diagnosed yourself a few years later. How lovely therefore, that you have been able to bring your children up and to enjoy your grandchildren too.

    Your story is very encouraging and your advice so sensible. I am always telling my male friends to have regular PSA blood tests to check for prostate cancer as early detection can make a big difference.

    Welcome to our friendly community, it is lovely to hear from you.

    Rob x

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