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So sleepy.

I've always been able to kip anywhere at the drop of a hate, in a ditch, foxhole, hard airport floor when flights are delayed, back of lorries and Land Rovers and all places that others deem as awful places to catch a few zzzz's, even slept standing up when I had my arms around some loops in the back of a swaying truck but since my diagnosis I've had a few radiotherapy sessions to my head where an awful looking (looked liked a female Baboons backside on heat) tumour was zapped. The scar from the operation and the huge lumps have now gone down to nearly nothing now with little or no pain and my head is almost back to its normal turnip/swede quality but only larger size and shape, I've always had a big head you see so that the largest sized helmets when put on my head made my eyes bulge.

The hair on the left side has been zapped off and the top part of my left ear is red and sore as they could not tuck it out of the way due to an old injury but what I am wondering now does the radiotherapy to left side of head and brain is causing some minor issues with my sleep centre or is it me just getting older and as I've always been able to sleep at the drop of a hat this extra ability to sleep and maybe mouth dribble (no evidence of mouth dribbling yet)is simply an emotional affect that is causing me to sleep? I am on oramorph and other tabs which can make me sleepy btw.

I was sitting with my brother and my wife the other day just chatting about some technical issue when I went sleepy and was demonstrating with my hands something about the thinness of the new grafine element but I fell asleep with my hands in front of my face just as if I was carrying on with the discussion. My brother and my wife looked at me but I woke up fully knowing that I had zoned out for a refreshing mini sleep.

I know it is nothing to do with my heart, epilepsy or any other issues as I've had all the tests but will radiotherapy make me extra sleepy so that in a few days time at a younger relatives party when I take to the dance floor throw a few shapes to the music and fall asleep stuck in a laughable position on the dance floor and with my frozen shapes so that the even younger party goers can use me as a target for hoops and a prize if they get my sleeping arm or head?

Is it the oramorph and other tabs which are helping me sleep?

Any help or advice would be great. I'm sleepy now!!



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