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Third time unlucky

This is the third time I am having to undergo cancer, the first when I was 21 years of age but fought that one off like a bull and was back on the frontline duties like a bull at a gate raring to go although I was tender and had to watch out for my wound scars. It never really affected me when I come to think about it, just had long periods of skin blackening radiotherapy but probably the type of man I was I took it all on the chin.

The next time was when 28 and I was married, now that struck deep in me as I was married, hoping for children but the awful chemo back in those days put pay to all my little swimmers as well as my hair. I fought it all again and after a few months, weeks and years my oncologist said I was cancer free. Yay, we thought, my wife and I and we lived our lives like we should, sadly without children and unable to adopt as I was deemed a bad risk of making any adopted child an orphan which in my mind was rather stupid as we could have had a adopted baby and it would now be 34 years of age.

The present cancer is another matter entirely, its in my liver and they cannot do anything except for chemo, I go for pre chemo check this week but I really do think that the medics missed my cancer earlier this year after I had a operation near to my liver to remove gall stones and I've kept asking if it was a cancer nearby.

So anyway, that is my introduction, I'm a happy positive bloke, even the news that my cancer is terminal, anywhere from six months to 4 years I will fight the bugger and hope to live longer.

One thing we have always done is travel, all over the world and I wish to continue but I can't at the moment as my travel insurance, (very good one) will not cover me until my doctors say I am fit to travel. As that decision is very open to discussion does anyone know good travel insurance agents or companies that will cover me just to be able to travel to our favourite European destinations. I know far flung places are a bit iffy as I feel better is I am nearer hoe but if anyone can help? Please drop me a line.

Cheers and to all cancer sufferers, keep your chins up even in the dark days that may visit us all in the coming days, weeks and months.


PS. I am not proof reading this, just writing it and posting so forgive unforced errors and grammmmmma.


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,272 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Moor


    Hi Moor

    I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with cancer for the third time.

    What a tragedy that you were not allowed to adopt at a time you were cancer free. It is obvious from your post that you are a positive and happy man and I am sure that you and your wife would have been brilliant parents and would have given a great start to life for a needy orphaned child.

    Of course you want to travel and to enjoy your lives and I really hope that you are able to do so. I have experienced problems obtaining travel insurance due to inoperable cancer and I was advised to try Insurancewith.com. They agreed to insure me at a reasonable price which unusually, even covers my cancer, for a relatively low premium. They will only cover me for a single trip at a time and always set a limit of one month away per trip. I can live with that.

    Insurancewith was founded in 2007 by insurance professional Fiona Macrae who was unable to find travel insurance at a reasonable price which also covered her cancer diagnosis. She founded Insurancewith with the aim of providing people with a medical condition with a reasonable and affordable travel insurance policy to cover their holidays.

    I do hope that you are successful in obtaining cover and I hope that you will let us know how you get on.

    Thank you for your kind best wishes and I hope that you will keep in touch,



  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 770 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Moor,

    It is lovely to 'meet' you, welcome to our community.

    I am so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, and also for it being the third time you have had to deal with cancer in your life. That is truly an awful thing, especially as it has prevented you and your wife from having a family together. You sound as if you are both strong determined people, and will approach this time round with the same grit and resolve as before.

    You have come to the right place, even your wife is very welcome, there are many here, all with varying cancers, at different stages of diagnosis and treatment. But everyone is very supportive, understanding, and will stand with you as you fight to overcome as much as you are able.

    Have you started any treatment yet? Do you think you will be eligible for any trials etc? What ever it is, please know we are right here with you both.

    As for the travel insurance, I know Rob has mentioned Insurewith, I have also used, Staysure (for France), and even More than (for the USA).

    I hope you manage to find someone who will cover you, wishing you a peaceful weekend, chat soon,

    Lou x

  • Hi RobertA, Lou and all on here who may reads this,

    Thank you both for the kind words. Kind and generous words are so important to us all especially to us living in our restrictive and troublesome world of cancer. I feel for all sufferers, their relatives and friends with a great deal of 'love' which may seem silly but it is love as I am a bloke who has seen the really rough end of the world and think kindness touches people and helps them through so much even sitting injured and in pain in a ditch or on a pavement, so once again thank you and whilst I'm in my mushy mood I am sending all my love and support to those of us and our relatives and friends who are going through difficult times. I wish I could just snap away all our troubles with a snap of my fingers but I can't, sadly we have to endure, smile if we can and keep going as its the only way.

    Lets dwell and remember the happy times of our lives. Its great when we can chuckle about a child's funny missive, an older relatives silly but happy Dad dance that left us in stiches of laughter or a pup running about in awe on grass for the first time. Those memories really see me through difficult times

    As for me, I've had better news because I can have chemo beginning end of next week to help me live longer which is a bonus as I though my exit permit had already been stamped for the end of this year but I now can still ride the train of life for longer (Yay Christmas pressies) and we can travel again not to far away places as I would hate to be taken ill in a strange hospital unable to speak the language and be ignorant of their health protocols.

    To all people I wish long and happy lives, nice times to remember and smile about,pain free, illness free and a life filled with love and I just wish to send you all my love and strength to get through our awful times.



  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,407 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Moor,

    I love reading your post, thank you for writing it!

    I am so pleased you are able to start a course of chemo next week. That is positive, I will be thinking of you, hope it all goes smoothly.

    Yes, presents! Lol! It's never too early to post a letter to Santa🎅! 😄. I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. I have already baked a few Christmas cakes, which are now stored, maturing.

    Have you decided where you would like to visit next when you have sorted your insurance out? Any favourites in particular?

    I think you are so right, in remembering the good times, people and things in our lives, especially when we are in a dark, difficult place. When I was going through treatment a friend said to me to try and find something to rejoice in everyday, particularly in the dark moments. I still try to do that, not always easy.

    Strength and peace to you both,

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

  • Hi Sunshinedaff,

    Yay presents! However I am a typical bloke not needing much at all, new socks, razor etc but what I really would like is a new Labrador puppy I could train up. I love training my dogs but I don't think it unfair for my wife to be left with a half trained run around thug of a Lab pup and any pup would outlive me I think and unfair for any new dog in our lives at the moment. My oldest lab died at 15 earlier this year and my last one now is 13, going on 14 and is just right for my wife, he does what he is told for a scooby snack and would rather sleep than run.

    I think my best Christmas Present would be to visit and be at the centre of a litter of Labrador pup not far from home a litter with a kind, soft eyed, kind and gentle Labrador mum and her pups aged a between couple of weeks to 9 weeks. Just the thought of those pup smelling little beasts crawling and whimpering over my legs would be heaven to me so I will be making enquiries around where I live to be able to be in the scrum of pups.

    You see I am a Countryman with all that that entails but a man who loved walking the Moors and hills with my dogs watching tough wildlife living their lives on the snowy windswept Moors and hillside as tough hillside sheep wander about looking for food, love it all and when my hard panting dogs came back to my whistle sitting next to me with happy tails and eyes, great lolling tongues greeting me and I am on top of the high Moors on top of all England when on a clear day I can see so many counties, the sea nearly 75 miles away and looking below me with the land and filed looking like a Ladybird story/picture book rolling into the distance. Mmm, told you I am sentimentalists!

    As for travel I don't want to travel too far at present. Western Europe for now and if I become a bit better maybe the USA or other full westernised health care system place. We've been to several places in UK since the news and with good and bad news coming soon I want to stay here in safe Britain for now. No matter how we denigrate our country we should be in no doubt we are one of the greatest, safest places on Earth with more tolerance and dignity than many other States who like to say they are like us but are not .


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,272 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @MoorandHill_man @LouiseJ

    Hi Moor

    I love your delightful posts. You have a talent for writing and it is great to hear from another man who is happy to express his emotional side.

    I so agree that it is special to remember the happy times from our pasts, and I think that the cancer journey tends also to prod us into making the most of the time we have left. My wife and I like to travel and in recent times we have like you, spent more time discovering the UK which has been something of a revelation and lots of fun.

    Having a Yorkshire heritage, I automatically thought of the North York Moors when you mentioned your background but I feel you must be somewhere else if you can see several counties all at once. My wife tells me that she can identify my background by the way I pronounce ‘Moor’. Apparently, I say ‘Muwer’ but she is quite posh and says ‘More’. Haha

    Like you, I cannot think of any Christmas present I might really want these days. Some friends were talking about what they would do if they won £1m. At 74, I could not think of anything. I would probably crash a Ferrari and a big house with a swimming pool would not excite me. A trip to see my disabled sister who lives in Texas would be nice and I am hoping that I will be able to do that when her granddaughter, my great niece, gets married next May.

    I do hope that the chemo is tolerable and effective and that you enjoy a lovely Christmas with your wife and family.

    Hey Lou, I know all about your cakes and I particularly love Christmas cake. Do you export? My Mum used to put so much brandy in hers that you would not dare to drive afterwards.


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