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Chemo curls!!

SusanW60SusanW60 Posts: 13

I realise that this is minor in the scheme of things however! Very glad to see my hair growing back but it looks like a curly perm and I am at a loss with it. Everyone kept saying it could grow back differently and how right they are. My hair was completely straight before.

Can anyone tell me if this will change back? I have read some advice that was to cut it all off again very short but I'm not sure what that will achieve! Sorry if anyone thinks this is a trivial matter. I know it is really, but after more than a year of treatment I just want to leave the house looking like ME again and I am just feeling very self conscious about this now. I feel worse about it when I bump into someone I know like a neighbour. I went to the theatre in London last week and forgot all about it then!! Would appreciate any insights please




  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 861 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Sue,

    It is lovely to hear from you, hair loss from having chemo, and then the hopeful re-growth is not a minor issue, I am sure everyone who has experienced this will agree.

    It is strange how our hair can grow back so differently from how it was before treatment changed it.

    I don't know about the re-cutting it completely, then growing again, whether this will change how it re-grows? What does your hairdresser say? I understand how you may not feel like 'you' because it is so different.

    Have you had it cut at all since it grew back? If not, that may be a good idea. I had mine cut when it began to feel like it was growing out of my ears..lol, it was so annoying. I still feel like I look like Friar Tuck, as it is very thin around the middle of my head, but it is only visible from the back, so I don't see it, but everyone else does!! Haha, just realised what I said, of course it is at the back, otherwise it would be all over my face! 😂 I keep it very short now, my hairdresser says it is unlikely to change now, the colour is completely different too!

    I think sometimes we have to adjust to 'new' me's, curly hair maybe the new you, but I am sure a good hairdresser will be able to help you style it into something you like eventually.

    I hope it doesn't continue to frustrate you too much, I can only suggest more theatre trips and other such lovely things to do, never mind what the neighbours might think, which I doubt they are anyway. I expect they think you are amazing for having come through this horrendous time, which of course you are!

    Chat soon, 🤗

    Lou x

  • SusanW60SusanW60 Posts: 13

    Dear Lou thank you for your response! Was just having a bad day I think. Caught sight of myself in a shop window early this morning and just thought ugh!!Though if I'm perfectly honest my response might well have been the same pre treatment anyway. Not exactly a supermodel🤣

    I have to remind myself that I am in a much better place than I was a year ago and that is what really matters! As my daughter tells me 'Mum people actually dont take much notice of other people's appearance. They are usually thinking about themselves or other things all together!' This is exactly the advice I used to give her when she was a teenager agonising over something!

    Thank you for your support and kind advice. This does seem like a very friendly forum! Enjoy the rest of your day.


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 861 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Sue,

    Ahhh, yes, I think we have all been there at some point! I know I have! Having a bad day now and then is all very normal. Your daughter is quite right, a good observation of people, we think others are paying far more attention to us than they actually are! Having said that, not sure that is such a great thing in some respects, but good in others. Clearly your words of wisdom to your daughter in her teenage years did not go unheeded, but went deep and stored for such a day as today!

    As for being a super model, I think celebrating life, being in a better place now is of greater importance. Although I am a super model! No, really I am! Lol 😂😂.

    I hope you have had a good day, have a good evening,

    Lou x

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @SusanW60 @LouiseJ

    Hi ladies

    Haha, you are both supermodels to me. 😍😍. I’m not so keen when I see myself in a shop window either Sue.🤭 It is great to hear that you are in a better place than you were a year ago but as Lou said, having the odd bad day is OK. You have been through a lot and it would be surprising if you didn’t. Just pulled out of one myself.

    When I look at my wife, I think she is more beautiful than ever. So full of character, personality and kindness. Everyone loves her for who she is and you are both the same, in addition to being supermodels too, of course.

    Rob xx

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