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Hi - possible breast cancer

KitKatKitKat Posts: 52 ✭✭✭
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Had mammogram in June. Got hospital appointment 6 days later for further assessments. Been back today, had another mammogram. Doctor said showed calcification. Had ultrasound which showed a lump and also enlarged lymph nodes. Doctor took biopsies and then inserted metal pin in lump. Back next week for results. I asked doctor if the lump looked dodgey snd she said yes.

Should I be worried - does calcification always mean cancer.

I've already had 3 other different cancers - surely not a 4th one.

Thanks for reading.


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,113 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi KitKat

    So sorry to hear of your new lump and enlarged lymph nodes. I am not able to answer your question though others on this board may be in a better position to discuss it with you. I am sorry to hear that you have already experienced other cancers and waiting for these results must be very hard for you..

    Welcome to our Friendly community. We love to chat and support each other through the cancer journey and I hope that you will keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

    Rob x


  • KitKatKitKat Posts: 52 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for your kind words Rob. I can deal with the cancer, it's just the not knowing that I hate.

    I only found this community a few weeks ago

    Couldn't have come at a better time.

    Best wishes

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 610 mod


    Hi welcome to the community, I am so sorry you are facing yet another cancer battle. That is hard to comprehend. I understand the not knowing is very much the worst bit. I hope the results come through very soon for you.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, it is good the Dr is being frank with you, but of course she can't be definite until the results come. If it is breast cancer, the treatments have improved so much over the years, hopefully there will be an effective treatment for you.

    I don't know about the calcification and what that means I am sorry to say.

    Everyone here is very friendly, and whatever the result is, you will find support and understanding here, please let us know how you get on.

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

  • KitKatKitKat Posts: 52 ✭✭✭
    So diagnosed with breast cancer on Tues and also in lymph nodes. At the moment I am struggling to get my head around it.
    I feel like my consultant is pushing me into surgery. 
    He told me had provisionally booked me in for August. I told him to cancel it because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and needed time to think. So while I make my mind up he's put me on. Lotrozole.
    Feeling so stressed and don't know what to do.
  • JerseyBobJerseyBob Posts: 62 mod
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    Hi @KitKat

    So sorry to hear your news. 

    I can fully understand how you feel and that you need time to get your head round it all. It must be particularly upsetting given that you have been through previous cancer diagnoses. 

    Do you have a MacMillan Cancer Support in your area?   They did an awful lot to help and support me through my diagnosis and treatments. The medical people are fantastic in what they do, but I think that sometimes they are so busy with the medical side of things, that they can  overlook our human emotional needs. 

    I am so pleased that you have contacted us. Coping with cancer can be such a lonely business and we are here to chat and support one another through the treatments and beyond. 

    Rob x 

  • KitKatKitKat Posts: 52 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Bob, yes it is very lonely.
    I have a great support network of family and friends but still feel ss if I am on my own.
  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,256 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @KitKat

    I am so very sorry to hear the results came through positive for cancer, it is not surprising you feel the way you do, even though you have been diagnosed previously, it must still seem like a huge shock and unbelievable at the same time. It is a very stressful and scary time. 
    Although time is of the essence, taking the time to consider your options first is important. You do need to be sure in your own heart and mind how to proceed. Are there other courses of treatment available to you in addition to surgery, I am assuming you mean a mastectomy? 

    It is good you have good support from family and friends, as Rob has said, this is a great place to get some support outside of your own circle. You are not alone here, please don't hesitate to come and chat about anything at any time. You will find a lot of understanding here. 

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was also in my lymph nodes too, I went straight in to chemo, then surgery followed by radiotherapy. I am now on Letrozole. Are they arranging CT scans for you too? 

    If I can help further, or if you'd like to chat about things, you can chat here, or you can message me.

    Thinking of you, 

    Lou x

  • KitKatKitKat Posts: 52 ✭✭✭
    Hi  Lou
    Thecer is in lymph nodes but had CT scan and no further.
    Surgeon is keen for mastectomy. Says if I have lumpectomy  I may need a second operation if cancer still present. They have put me on Lotrazole in the meantime until I make up my mind.
    Thing is I can't have any chemo or radiation therapy because of my history - apparently I have had my lifetime allowance and the doctors have said that I am a complicated case.
    I had bone marrow transplant in 1990 and I had total bode irradiation which comes with a risk of future cancers.
    2010 I had cervical cancer, 2014 vaginal cancer and now 5 years later breast.
    So I'm thinking I go through all this surgery and then probably get another cancer in 5 years.
    I live in Derby but they couldn't treat my vaginal cancer and referred me to the Royal Marsden Cancer hospital.
    I'm going to speak to my consultant in London next week to see if they can offer any other options or maybe a clinical trial.
    I'm slowly starting to come to terms with it but do want a second opinion.
    It sounds like you are doing well - so pleased for you.
    Thanks for your support, so glad I found this site.
    KitKat xx

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,256 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @KitKat

    That is good news the CT scan showed no further spread. 
    You have been through so much these last years, I am so sorry to hear of all these diagnoses. 
    The Royal Marsden is a good hospital I believe, my sister was treated there many years ago while she lived here.
    I hope that meeting goes well, yes, exploring any possible clinical trials is a good thing to check out.
    I think a mastectomy would maybe give more possibility of capturing all of the cancer in one hit, and of course deciding which option depends on which one will give you a better prognosis for the future. 
    You have so much to consider and to take in, it is a whirlwind at first, I am sure you know that anyway.

    I am so glad you found the site too, always here for you, thinking of you, 

    Lou x

  • KitKatKitKat Posts: 52 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Lou, I will keep you posted. X
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