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HELP! I recently started chemo again for the third time in six years. I was put on exactly the same ( Paclitaxel and Carboplatin). I had my first session just over 3 weeks ago. I had a small reaction after the first cycle, bit of breathing difficulty and headaches, but nothing drastic. My oncologist deferred my second cycle until last week to make sure I was over the first lot. On Thursday last week, I went for my second cycle. No sooner had the Paclitaxel started going in and I had a MASSIVE reaction, I literally thought I was dying. My head felt like it was exploding, my spine was trying to fight it's way out of my back and I couldn't breathe for love nor money. Thankfully, all the staff on the unit were on me in seconds giving me god knows what. The thing is, after 5 days my body will not stop shaking and I feel constantly on the verge of tears. I just wondered has anyone else had a bad reaction to chemo, and how did it affect them, I just don't feel normal anymore.


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    I am so sorry to hear about your awful reaction to your second cycle. I have not had chemotherapy myself, but I am sure that you will soon hear from others who have and who may be able to chat with you about your symptoms.

    Rob x

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    I am so sorry to hear you are yet again facing chemo for the third time, and then to have such a terrible reaction to it is just awful for you. How are you feeling today? I take it your oncologist will try something different next time? Have you let the chemo ward know how you are still feeling now? I was warned I may have a severe reaction to the chemo, but it never materialised thankfully. I have heard others here say they had bad reactions to chemo initially, I am sure there are others here on the same chemo drugs as you. Hopefully the Dr's can adjust the make-up of the drugs, or change them completely for you.

    It is not surprising you feel the way you do, it is a terrible ordeal, and now you may be terrified of what's next. When are you due to see your oncologist or chemo appointment ?

    I do think it would be wise to contact them anyway let them know how you are feeling. The physical shaking could still be part of the reaction.

    I hope things do settle down very soon for you, you are very welcome here, I hope to chat with you again soon.

    Lou x

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