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Newly diagnosed

MoragMorag Posts: 2

Hi. 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and metastasis of the spine. I have just had 6 weeks of hormone therapy to put me through the menopause. I am now ready to start my chemo. I know my cancer cannot be cured but I am really struggling with chronic fatigue now. I’m not sure whether to start the chemo as I know it’s a fight I can’t win. No one is able to tell me how long. I am a single mother to 4 beautiful children and am terrified of leaving them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 664 mod


    Hi Morag,

    I am so very sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, it is such a huge shock to be told you have cancer and is very terrifying and scary especially in these first months, before you have had a chance to process everything.

    I can imagine the hormone therapy having its own set of side-effects along with the menopause effects that you are probably experiencing. So much happening and going on all at once. Do you have other support besides your children to help you through this time? I can understand the chronic fatigue, it is very difficult and so draining.

    Even though the drs say its isn't curable, they are able to treat it? Assuming this as you are about to start chemo. Obviously you want to be around for a long time yet, the chemo may give you a longer time than you might not have had without it. Everyone experiences chemo differently, it may not be as hard on you as you think it will be. There will be some side-effects but how you do on that scale is not determined, or set in stone.

    These decisions are not easy and are very personal, I think if I had been given the same diagnosis as you I would do chemo, anything that gives me more time with my family I would opt for. During the treatment you can re assess the situation with conversations with your drs and family too. The chemo may be very effective in treating the cancer, in reducing it.

    I know that you may not feel able to talk about things in detail with your family because it is very emotional for everyone, but you are able to say what is on your heart and mind here. Please don't hesitate to come and chat, if we can help, by supporting you, or by just being here to listen, we are here.

    You may be on your own, but you are not alone in this. There are probably others here in very similar situations to yourself so you will find a lot of understanding here. Although you have been told 'incurable', try and stay positive that the treatment will be effective. Ask about any possible trials that you may be eligible for too in the future. Medical breakthroughs in treatments are increasing, there is always hope.

    Thinking of you, please feel free to message me or chat here.

    Lou x

  • JokeyJokey Posts: 10


    i have exactly the same diagnosis as yourself

    I was diagnosed in February 2019 I also have 4 children , it is really tough but I have gone down the route of treatment .

    i am on letroxole, and I take

    a chemo tablet called ibrance which I take for 3 weeks with a week off , I am on my 3rd course , just have to have regular blood tests to check white blood count

    each dose seems to get easier and changing the times I took my tablets has helped

    got a scan this week to see if it’s making any difference

    life is precious so if this helps me live a bit longer I will try , all you can do is hope

    please let me know how you are getting on

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 664 mod

    Hi @Jokey

    Welcome to the community, I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

    I am glad you are finding the treatment getting a little easier and that changing the times you take the meds is helping. I am now on Letrozole too, originally after my treatment I was on Tamoxifen, but changed after complications with it.

    I do hope your scan goes well this week and hope you don't have long to wait for the results to come through. I will be hoping with you that there will be a positive difference.

    How are you getting on with the meds, are you having many side-effects?

    Please keep in touch with how you are doing,

    Lou x

  • MoragMorag Posts: 2

    Thank you both for your kind words. They mean a lot. I’m starting to get some of my energy back and my consultant wants to start me on the same treatment as you Jokey. I hope both your treatments are going well and it would be good to keep in touch

  • JokeyJokey Posts: 10


    most definatley let me know how you react to treatment

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 664 mod

    @Morag , @Jokey

    Good morning to you both😊,

    It's good to hear you are beginning to get some energy back Morag, hopefully the new treatment will make a difference to you.

    Absolutely, keep in touch, When you go through things it is always good to know there are others who understand, especially as like the both of you, you have very similar diagnosis'. Just knowing you are not alone will help I hope.

    My treatment is finished now, but at the moment I have stopped taking meds temporarily as my oncologist thinks they may be causing a lot of side-effects, so we are seeing what a month off them does. If no difference, then I will go back on them, if there is a difference I will start a new med.

    I hope you both have as good a day as you are able,

    Chat soon,

    Lou xx

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