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Can anyone give me any info re using turmeric or cbd to help with chemo symptoms?

CherylCheryl Posts: 2

My husband has been diagnosed with cancer. He has a tumour at the junction of his stomach and oesophagus. He is about to start chemo (if his heart scan comes back ok) , with a view to shrinking the tumour and then he will have a full or hopefully partial gastrectomy. I'm just wondering what might help lessen the side effects of chemo, thank you x


  • Elaine_05Elaine_05 Posts: 1

    Hi Cheryl. Have just joined this group and i was diagnosed with this 2 weeks ago. I hope your husband is doing ok. I have just had scan and see GI nurse this week. I will be following this thread for any advice x

  • CherylCheryl Posts: 2

    Hi Elaine, I will let you know if I discover anything that helps. Wishing you the very best of luck with your treatment. X

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