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donnadeedonnadee Posts: 4
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hi everyone im 8 mth free from bladder cancer i had a tough old time of it after i had my tumour remove next came my bladder and a hysterectomy ,i then devoloped sepsis and now ive got problems with my kidneys so ive had a drain in 19 weeks i have a wonderful partner and children to support me , my problem is i dont know how i feel about everything im happy not to have cancer but i find myself sleeping my days away as im so tired,and when im having a bad day i blame my stoma bag for everything i just dont feel like me anymore has anyone else felt this way 😥


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,262 mod
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    Hi there @donnadee

    You bet they have.

    I am attaching a link to a conversation started by Lou @Sunshinedaff back in January. You can see from the comments on that thread that it is really common for people to feel somehow different after cancer.


    A cancer diagnosis is not like most other illnesses. It changes your life forever. Your body has been beaten up and changed, you have probably had surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone treatments etc. You have coped with everything that has been thrown at you and now you can celebrate, relax and move on.

    Well, probably not. As you have said, a person who has had cancer may not be quite the same person they were before as they are usually dealing with physical and mental changes. It is really no surprise that you feel so tired. Many of us still need hormonal treatments and regular check ups and cancer never really goes away.

    I think the Good news is that you can get through it and get used to the new you. It sounds as if you have a lovely supportive family around you which is wonderful. I got rather depressed after treatment and I was lucky to find the help I needed via MacMillan and the lovely people here on LiveBetterWithCancer. 

    I am delighted you have found this Community. We may have different cancers, but most of us will recognise the post cancer feeling of anxierty and we are here to support and encourage each other. You are very welcome.

    Rob x

  • donnadeedonnadee Posts: 4

    hi robertA thank you for you reply this is the first time ive spoke to anyone out side of my family i feel like because im cancer free i shouldnt feel awful i should be glad and happy but thats just not the case im going to checkout the link thankyou very much x

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