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Has anybody experienced Bowel cancer spread to back muscle?

Pongos_wife47Pongos_wife47 Posts: 1
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Hi all. Newbie here.

Hubby diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 bowel cancer that has spread to his back muscle (T4 N1 M0 in localised lymph nodes too).

We haven't seen oncologist yet. 10th June is first consultation with him and treatment starts a week after that.. So we have been told. Be 6 wks since diagnosis... That to me seems a long time to get treatment started for a stage 4 patient.

Anyway, I'm looking for anybody who has had cancer spread to the back muscle from T4 bowel cancer. Hoping someone can shed some light on it for me as to if it's rare, common, prognosis, treatments etc. I know your not Dr's but i just need some help. If it's bad I woukd sooner be prepared, if you can be....

Thank you xxx


  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,435 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hello, I am so sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis,

    Although I don't have any experience of bowel cancer I know there are several others here who have been diagnosed with it. Hopefully they will come forward and be able to give you some insight.

    I understand what a huge shock the diagnosis must be for you and your husband and family. It is a massive thing to come to terms with.

    Is your husband waiting to have more tests, like MRI, or CT scans? Maybe this is why there is some delay?

    Everyone is so different, even with the same cancer. The treatment plans are really varied, depending on the circumstances.

    You are both very welcome here, I am sure you will get to know us soon. We all support one another, you are welcome to come and chat anytime.

    Please keep in touch, let us know how your husband is doing.

    Take care

    Lou x

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