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DeeboDeebo Posts: 3

Morning another thing to worrying about doesn’t anyone have any advice on pip face to face interview I a man just gobsmacked you have to jump through so many hoops to get any where’s for a little help any advice would be brill 🦋🦋


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 719 mod

    Hi @Deebo

    Good morning to you, at first I wondered what is pip? Then my brain engaged and I realised you are referring to Personal Independence Payments! Bit slow..sorry!!

    I wasn't aware of this during my treatment, so I don't have any experience or knowledge about it. I did meet a friend who was diagnosed after me, and she was telling me that she received this. She was urging me to apply as well, she did mention that the Macmillan Nurses sat with her and filled out the forms with her, and helped to sort everything out with the PIP people. Do you have access to Macmillan Cancer Support? I don't know if all areas are the same or if my friend had unusual support from them.

    The other place to try would be the CAB- Citizens Advice Bureau? I would suggest Macmillan's in the first instance. Sorry I'm not much help, I expect and hope others here will be in receiving this aid too, and hope they can advise you further.

    Lou x

  • RozzyRozzy Posts: 5

    I had a Macmillian Nurse represented by council come and see me she done a ll the paperwork for me

  • Falco1307Falco1307 Posts: 2

    I applied for it and got an over the phone consultation on Monday so waiting to see if I get anything

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 719 mod

    Hi @Rozzy and @Falco1307 ,

    Good to hear the Macmillan nurses were so helpful for you Roz, I had heard that they were great in helping sort through financial stuff with patients.

    @Falco1307 I hope you hear back soon, also good you were allowed to do a phone consultation, it is how things should work really, especially for cancer patients who really might not be up to traipsing down to an office to fill out forms etc.

    I hope that for both of you, the payments come through soon.

    Lou x

  • Falco1307Falco1307 Posts: 2

    Thank you xxx

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