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Hi, I’ve only just joined the group, was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in may 2018 & had part of my lung removed in July 2018 followed by chemotherapy & radiotherapy, all treatment finished in November & since then I have found my skin is very itchy, I use e45 daily but this doesn’t seem to help, has anyone else had this problem




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    Hi Val,

    Welcome to our friendly community, it is lovely to have you here among us. It sounds as though you have been through a tremendous amount already. It is wonderful to hear you have completed all of your treatment. I am sorry to hear the itching has got worse since you have finished treatment. Part of me isn't surprised as I recently found out that the chemo I had carried on doing its thing and affecting me for a year after finishing chemo! I wonder if this is the same with you, that it is still the chemo and radiotherapy having an effect on you and it is manifesting through the itching?

    Perhaps changing the moisturiser you are using may help? I found a Clinique one really good and others have recommended Dermol 500 as a good one to use, or any of the 'Simple' range?

    I have put a link below about itchy skin and cancer, you may find it helpful.

    You are very welcome here, everyone is very friendly, I know there are several others with a similar diagnosis to yourself, but even where the cancer is different, we all understand the impact and effect it has upon our lives. You are among people who understand and can empathise with you.

    I hope to chat with you again, let me know how you get on if you find another cream makes a difference.

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

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