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Squamous cell neck mass

Cazza13Cazza13 Posts: 2
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Have just been diagnosed with a squamous cell neck lump. Waiting for PET & CT scans to try and find where the primary cancer is. I have had no symptoms at all apart from this painless lump in my neck. Feel like I've been hit by a train at the moment. The consultant told me head and neck cancers are mostly common in smokers, heavy drinkers or people with poor dental hygiene but none of these apply to me. I've been on Dr Google- I know I shouldn't but its hard when you dont have a lot of information- and it's making me feel like screaming! I've already been thru breast cancer 7 years ago, which luckily hadn't metastasized and was treated with surgery and radiotherapy. This new cancer is nothing to do with that one. Has anyone else had experience - good or bad- of head /neck cancer?


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 770 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Cazza13

    I am so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, I can understand it hitting you like a train seeing as you have had no obvious symptoms prior to this lump in your neck. I know it must feel like a complete nightmare all over again. Apart from the consultant telling you things that didn't apply to you, have they yet decided how they will treat it? Or is it a waiting thing until they have found the source, or is it the source? I apologise, I am not familiar with this cancer, my knowledge and understanding of it is nothing.

    I have read a few posts of others with 'squamous cell' cancers, some are in a different part of the body. I hope they will shout out to you and you will then be able to get a little more information that will help you.

    Too late, I know, and I do understand the frustration of not having information, but stay away from Google! More harm than good there.

    When is your next appointment?

    Have you contacted Macmillan Cancer Support? They may be able to give you some information as they have more than likely encountered this with other patients.

    I do hope you don't have to wait long to find out how things are going to proceed, so you can begin to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    One thing I can say is, you are not alone here, if we can help by supporting you, chatting , by just being here we will. It is a very friendly, supportive community, I hope to chat with you again.

    Lou x

  • Cazza13Cazza13 Posts: 2

    Hi Louise,

    So grateful for your reply. So I had a,PET scan last week and they have found the primary at the back of my tongue. I have an MRI booked next week to stage rhe cancer. I am also going in tomorrow for a general anaesthetic. Initially this was booked so the consultant could take biopsies from everywhere the cancer might be and probably remove my tonsils too just in case it was them. So now I'm not sure what will be happening during this operation. I'm so very frightened. Have a meeting with the consultant next Thursday to go through all the results of the scans and biopsies and look at a treatment plan.

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 770 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Cazza13

    Oh my word, you have a big day tomorrow! I am sure you are very frightened, it is very scary especially when still trying to find out if and where else has been affected. Usually, in my experience, the surgeon has met me when I arrive at hospital, and explains the plan, as you will need to sign a form for that. So perhaps there will be a note on the form to say that if necessary they will remove what they find.

    I can imagine you will be in quite a lot of discomfort afterwards, if it isn't already causing you pain and discomfort.

    Waiting for MRI'S and consultant appointments is so hard, it's the not knowing that plagues us, then our minds run away with it all sending us in to a tailspin. Hang in there, ok, it's been found, which is good, as now as soon as they look at the results etc they can make a plan of attack.

    Meanwhile if you want to chat anytime, just shout, always here for you.

    Lou xx

  • hi, I had a panendoscopy last week , which is what I think you may be having , just make sure you ask for strong pain killers when you leave because they give you morphine after . When you go home you need strong stuff as your tongue and throat are really painful x hugs x 
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