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Has anyone on this site also suffering from this cancer


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    Hi @Lindendar

    I have to admit, I had no idea what this was. I have just looked it up.

    I am very sorry to hear if this is your diagnosis. Will you be having treatment?

    It maybe that someone else on here is also being treated, hopefully they will speak up.

    You are very welcome here, even though our cancers may be different, mine was breast cancer, the effects of cancer upon our lives can be similar, treatments like chemo and radiotherapy etc have common side-effects. The shock and devastation that cancer brings with it affects us all.

    There are many here going through all different types of cancer and at varying stages, you will find a lot of support and understanding here.

    Please feel free to come and chat anytime, about anything.

    Hope to chat soon,

    Lou x

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    Hi , I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma about 18 months ago after being unwell for a few weeks. I had an operation at the QE Birmingham to remove 3/4 of my liver and resection the blood vessels.My recovery was long and hard and I spent 8 weeks in hospital recovering. Chemo finished 6 months ago but like most posts I read I am still struggling both physically and mentally . I am trying to be positive and do a bit more each week but to be honest some days it seems too much energy is needed to do much more than get up and showered! It won’t beat me I have gone through too much for the big C to win ! How are you doing and whereabouts are you in your treatment ? I am online most days , so if you want to chat please message me

    regards Chris

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    Hi Thanks for the comments.I was diagnosed 10 months ago unfortunately I cannot have a op.Ihave been on chemo for 6 cycles chemos was stopped due to my platlets being low at the last scan everthing was stable I am now waiting for another scan possibly in June.Appreciate your comments

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    Fingers crossed your scan will still be stable . When your platelets recover a bit then more chemo I guess. It’s pretty gruelling isn’t it ? I find the time waiting for the scan results is almost unbearable. You can do this !

    Keep strong and be kind to yourself.

    B est wishes


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