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Hi. I don’t have cancer but I do have fatigue. I have chronic asthma, sinusitis, diabetes, arthritis and possibly Cushing syndrome. I am on long term steroids. At the moment it’s 20mgs per day. I have begun my second trial. This time it’s mepolizumab. My complete lack of energy is so destructive and I am desperate to get it sorted but my ecologist won’t look at me till I’m off the steroids. Can you help?


  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,370 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Treez ,

    I don't have knowledge of experience in what you are going through , apart from the fatigue caused by cancer treatment and numerous side effects. It sounds as though you are really suffering, I am so sorry to hear that.

    There is a discussion by @Untire_App , I am hopeful they may have some wisdom and insight for you. If you go to that discussion too, you can check them out, see what they say.

    From a post-cancer perspective, it had taken me a very long time to recover from treatment and the meds I am on now create their own set of side-effects!

    I do try and keep moving each day, some days it's very hard, then I will just sit and rest. That is an ok thing to do, as long as I don't stay there! I found swimming after cancer, I have found it so beneficial and aqua classes.

    I know you said you have no energy, do you think you could 'force yourself' to do something like aqua classes? I was very nervous when I first went, especially with a uni-boob, but I found that mostly everyone else had their own stuff going on. There is no judging etc, it's friendly. I am sure it would be similar at a place near you. You may be thinking 'no way hose`, you know, it's small steps each day that lead to greater steps. The first one is the hardest.

    You haven't said, but I can imagine it becoming very depressing being in this situation, which will make everything even worse.

    I am sure you will find there are others here who are also in a similar position to yourself. Everyone here is very understanding and supportive, here on the good days and bad days and everything in between!

    Please keep in touch, let us know how you are doing, feel free to come and chat anytime.

    Lou x

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    @Treez We hope the Untire app can help give you some relief. The Untire app was developed to address the common side-effect cancer-related fatigue. While much of the content in the app is focused on cancer patients and survivors, we know others can also benefit from the program. It shares ways ways to reduce stress, stay positive, sleep and eat well and be active so you can gain energy and reduce your fatigue burden. Untire is available for free in the app store and Google Play. We hope it can help! Also, know you are not alone in dealing with your fatigue. This community and others are great resources and support.


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