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Coping with sick Mum

Sue53Sue53 Posts: 1
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My poor Mum was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Christmas,it had originated from her colon.We have all found it very hard to come to terms with this diagnosis.The bad news is that it is such a large lump that nothing can be done for her, it is terminal.She tried palliative chemo , but felt so bad after one session she gave up. Her lungs latterly filled with fluid and she ended up in hospital and has been there these passed three weeks or so.At the start of her treatment she became very confused about her treatment and pill regime.Her short term memory no longer functions and she has terrible insomnia , hallucinations , dreams about demons , has lashed out at nurses , bitten them, very scared , normally acting up in the night or early hours.This has been very distressing to all concerned.They have finally stabilised her in hospital but she still can't get enough sleep. We are hoping that she can come out of hospital soon and go into a care home that deals with mental conditions.It has been a hard journey for us seeing our Mum go down hill in a matter of weeks.It has also been very hard to coordinate interaction with the relevant nursing staff, regarding her behaviour and medication.Has anyone else had this trouble ?


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    Hi Sue

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. How distressing the situation is for you both.

    Unfortunately, I am not able to offer any insight myself but I do voluntary work with MacMillan Cancer support here in Jersey. They are a wonderful organisation and experienced in all aspects of cancer support. Some centres in the UK also have Macmillan palliative care nurses who  provide advice and support with pain and symptom management for patients and their family. Another option would be Hospice Care whose aim is to improve the quality of life of people with terminal cancer.

    You really do need support in your tragic situation and If you have either of the above, or any similar organisation in your area, I strongly recommend you to contact them for advice and support.

    Good luck.


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