Help with travel cost

Hi does anyone know how i would get help with travel cost i will be going up to london every day to have my treatment i will be going on the train


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    Hi @Vinni06 ,

    I am not sure about this, but I wonder if you contacted the Macmillan Cancer Support group they would be able to send some one to chat with you and give you some financial advice, I think they are good at making sure things available to cancer patients are accessed, they can help you with forms etc.

    Give them a ring, you may have to make an appointment but I am sure they can advise you.

    Welcome to the group, I wish you well during the course of your treatment and hope it is successful for you.

    You are welcome to join in with any other chats etc, if we can help or support you, everyone is very friendly.

    Take care,

    Lou x

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    Hi Vinni, welcome to the Community. As @Sunshinedaff said, this is a tricky one! I don't know of any charities that provide direct financial aid but will ask internally to see if there is anything we know of.

    As Lou mentioned, you can also look at options to help reduce costs, such as a season ticket for your train journey.

    I'll let you know if we can suggest anything else!

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    i think if you receive certain benefits you can contact hospital transport and they can arrange transport for you.

    or contact your g p and explain to the receptionist that you have to go to hospital every day for treatment and can they arrange transport for you ?

    Good luck

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