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A month after finishing treatment and still feel rubbish

CoogeeCoogee Posts: 3

Hi I finished Chemo 4 weeks ago..3 rounds of FEC and 3 Docetaxel plus I'm having Herceptine injections every 3 weeks for a year. I didn't expect to just return to my 'normal' self straight away but I don't seem to be improving.I'm still massively tired just by doing the small things..I've developed a bloated feeling and back ache.The aching back/ribs I've had previously when having Chemo.The Docetaxel was horrendous with so many side effects.I still have 15 Radiotherapy sessions to do and I'm wondering if I will ever feel back to my old self or does it take time?Am I being too impatient ?It just makes me feel sad.I also have horrible watery eyes which stream continuously all day.Ive tried everything including antibiotics from my Oncologist but to no avail!!I'm going to ask to be referred to the eye surgeon next as it's also getting me down'm

Thanks for reading xxx



  • JustTCJustTC Posts: 2

    Hi Coogee

    I had the same treatment a few years back apart from the Herceptin. The other 2 chemotherapy treatments were horrible enough. I found it took well over a year for me to start feeling better but was still plagued with fatigue on and off for longer. I didn’t have problems with my eyes so not sure about that. I think everyone is different. A girl who went through same treatment at same time seemed to recover more q

  • JustTCJustTC Posts: 2

    Quickly than me. I was only 33 at the time. Hopefully your like her and start feeling better soon. Wishing you all the best xx

  • CoogeeCoogee Posts: 3

    Hi JustTC thank you for your comments.It seems everyone I have spoke to found the same Chemo quite gruelling.Although I wouldn't wish it on anyone it is quite comforting to know it's not just me who has suffered horrible side effects.I will be getting the eye problem sorted hopefully!!Currently sat with a hot water bottle as I've now started with stomach pains.It seems I get rid of one problem then another appears Oh the joys..I noted you were very young when you first started treatment and I'm sorry to hear it took a while for you to recover it seems everyone's is very different as a friend of mine is breezing through her Chemo!!I hope you are well now and enjoying life.I am 52 by the way and was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram.I will try and be more patient with my recovery and be kind to myself.Wishing you all the best xxx

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,407 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Coogee and @JustTC

    I too had breast cancer, I was diagnosed in 2015 and had chemo, surgery and radiotherapy. I was on FEC-T as well, but not Herceptin. It is fantastic that you have come through it, gruelling though it was, but hopefully it has done it's job well.

    It is very early days for you since finishing chemo, and I found it took a long, long time to recover. In some ways things got worse, like my joints and bones and feet. You are not being impatient, just expecting like the rest of us to be able to bounce back into life like before. It's just , that isn't how it is for many people. You are not alone. You will find on here, others who are still recovering.

    Also, as you still have radiotherapy to go through, you will find the fatigue increases.

    Make sure you let your oncologist know how you are doing after chemo, especially if some things are getting worse as they may be able to help you.

    I didn't have Herceptin, I did have Tamoxifen and now Letrozole, but I expect that also may be contributing to how you are feeling, I have side-effects from my meds.

    Once you have completed all of your treatment, it will take time, you will have up and down days, but very slowly hopefully, you will begin to see an improvement.

    Everyone is different, how it was for me, may be different for you. The main thing is coming through this, still here, having kicked cancer out.

    @JustTC , I am so glad you have come through all your treatment, I hope you are finding things getting easier as time goes on. It takes a while, frustrating I know. I am hoping this year I will really see a difference, things are improving very slowly for me.

    Just to say, a very warm welcome to you both, you will find many here who have been diagnosed with breast cancer of various forms who have either come through it or still having treatment.

    Whichever it is you will find a lot of support and friendship here, it is lovely to have you both with us.

    I hope you both have a very peaceful evening.

    Lou x

  • CoogeeCoogee Posts: 3

    Sunshinedaff thank you so much for your post it is very informative.I hope you are now well after such gruelling treatment!!Yes I thinking the Herceptine Carrie she its own side effects which may be contributing.I became slightly anaemic during my Chemo which isn't helping with the exhaustion.I know I will get back on track (maybe not the gym for a while as it takes me all my time to climb the stairs at this moment in time ha!) There's all sorts of niggling pains going on at the minute which worries me if I stop and think about them but I guess it seems you just have to adjust to a new you!!Anyway there's one thing for sure,I'm looking forward to my hair growing back so that's a bonus!!

    Best Wishes to you and thanks for the support xxx

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