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Hi all

Hi all new here

hoping to get some advice

i had larynx/left vocal chord cancer diagnosed 2017 treated with surgery’s and radiotherapy for six weeks

just want to know anyone else had this treatment and how they overcome things like saliva dry mouth and Tiredness and also developed a generalised anxiety



  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 772 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hello, a very warm welcome to you!

    I am not familiar with the type of cancer you had, mine was breast cancer, but I understand that many of the effects of radiotherapy cross different cancers.

    It is great you were able to be treated for the cancer, I hope that overall things are improving for you.

    The tiredness and fatigue that goes with radiotherapy carries on for a long time! Literally! I think most of us think that once treatment was over our bodies would pick themselves up far quicker than they do. That can be very frustrating as well. I found it increasingly difficult to walk or stand even, having to brace myself to stand, my bones and joints suffered a lot.

    I didn’t notice a dry mouth, but others here have mentioned that. Hopefully they can offer some advice.

    The anxiety is also very common I have found after cancer treatment, you are left wondering why, after all the treatment worked?

    For me, it wasn’t until after treatment, I was getting ready to go on holiday but I felt very low, and I was aware that depression was beginning to sit on my shoulder. It was like I could see it out of my peripheral vision, hovering!

    I did go and talk to my dr about it, she was able to put things into perspective about what I had been through, I don’t know why I hadn’t joined the dots!

    You have been through so much, and given it is a secondary cancer must make it harder still. If you sense the anxiety deepening it is advisable to speak to a professional about it, before it spirals out of control. It is very common, completely understandable, but there is help available from a variety of places.

    There are many people here who have been or are in the similar place to you, within the various discussions, there are lots of chats about life with cancer, after cancer etc. You will find a lot of understanding here, Welcome to the group, I hope to chat with you soon.

    Lou x

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