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An elderly friend of mine (listen whose talking) sent me a poem he has written and asked me to set it to music. I think it is really lovely and thought you might like it.


We two have been the best of friends for many many years

We’ve shared the good times and the bad, the laughter and the tears

We’ve heard each others worries, our troubles and our woes

Yet still our friendship carries on as everybody knows

So if you ever need me, if there’s something I can do

You only have to let me know and I’ll be there for you.


Maybe we could change it slightly to use for ourselves as follows -

This group will be the best of friends for many many years

We’ll share the good times and the bad the laughter and the tears. Etc.

Rob x


  • hessomhessom Posts: 98 Community Admin

    This is lovely Robert, thank you for sharing! Your friends got talent 😉

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 529 ✭✭✭✭


    Hey Rob!

    I love the poem!

    Can’t wait to hear it put to music!

    Hope you’ve had a good day,

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

  • LesleyLesley Posts: 112 ✭✭✭

    Love the poem Rob! Lesley 😗

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 131 ✭✭✭

    Hi Rob, that’s lovely and will be good put to music. How nice to have a friend that feels like that about your friendship. Lovely.

    Luv Jackie x

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    Thank you all. Yes, I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend. Priceless.

    I will tell Ron about your kind comments and I hope that I can write some music that will do him justice.

    Still looking for a singer Jackie. 🎤🎧

    Rob x

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 131 ✭✭✭


    Hi Rob, I am sure you will do your friend Ron justice.

    I would be honoured Rob! 😊

    Hope you have a lovely evening and that your meal includes pudding! I have a Millionaires Shortbread for pudding! I hope it tastes better than my apple earlier. It tasted salty????!!!!!!

    Take care, speak soon.

    Lv Jackie x

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    Hi Jackie

    Hope your bloods were OK yesterday and that you are coping well with the latest round of chemotherapy.

    I have made a start on Ron’s music, but it may be a while before I am happy with it and ready for you to sing it. I have not told him I have a proper singer and it will be a lovely surprise for him. Mary is at Hospice on Monday, so I will be free to spend the day trying to sort it out. When the 🐈 s away the 🐁 will play.🎼🎹 Ha ha.

    Rob x

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    @jacksprat_x1 , @RobertA

    Yes, Jackie, ditto what Rob said! Really hope it went ok for you, and you are wrapped up warm.

    It's going to be great one day when we can hear your song Rob, it's so good to have music to focus on. I think when you are playing music it's easy to get lost in what you are doing, I love it when I get the flute off youngest! haha.

    Lou x

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 131 ✭✭✭

    Hi peeps!

    All going well so far following chemo yesterday. See what Monday brings haha. Might go quiet then....don’t say thank goodness you two!

    Rob I’m glad you are getting down to it in Monday, hope you can get your inspiration whilst Mary is out for the day. Perhaps you can find a flute line for the lovely Lou? 😀

    Lou how about it? We can have our community band!

    I hope you are feeling well today and that your shoulder pain is better?

    Looks like a lovely sunny morning out there. I had a wonderful 6 hrs sleep lovely! Do you know since I started with the group something clicked I my head and I have become so much more relaxed and can sleep.......could be the treatments tho?! Still I’ll take it.

    i hope you both have a great day. Keep up the positivity, it’s all we got!

    Soeak to you soon the T pot and toast is calling and Jasper the retriever

    needs feeding!

    Lv Jackie x🙋‍♀️

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    Hi Jackie,

    What a lovely pic of Jasper, hope you have had a good day today. It has been sunny all day, but really cold here! I spent quite a long time baking, making hot cross buns. My feet are paying for it now! haha.

    That's wonderful that you are feeling more relaxed these days, since you joined us, finding a peace in the midst of a trial is really good. It will give you strength to carry on, and stay strong. Whatever is causing it, being able to have quality sleep is a good thing.

    Quiet house at the moment here, one has a trial shift at a bar, the other gone to a friends birthday celebration.

    Lord of the Rings on TV , again! haha, we have the dvds but always find ourselves watching them. We can almost recite them, we have watched them so many times, and never get bored. My eldest calls it our comfort blanket! haha.😂

    We will watch BGT on catch up another day.

    Have a peaceful evening,

    Lou x

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 339 ✭✭✭

    @jacksprat_x1 @Sunshinedaff

    Hi Jackie

    Lovely to hear that you are feeling more relaxed. Maybe the garden settee and a glass of wine help too.

    I do hope that tomorrow goes well for you - no we don’t want you to go quiet. Love your posts. X

    What a handsome chap Jasper is - the name really suits him. I bet he likes lots of long walks. We had a spaniel who used to fetch her lead and drop it at my feet when she wanted a walk.

    Ron’s poem is quite short so we will need to add a long flute solo for you Lou. I love the idea of the community band. Name anyone? Three of us in the Prostate Cancer group are getting together to try a bit of jamming. I dare not tell you what we are calling ourselves or I will have to sit on the naughty step with our lovely friend @Lesley

    Its a bit cool here today so we are watching the football at home as I write.

    Lv Rob xx

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 131 ✭✭✭


    Hi Rob, Jasper is a lovely 8 year old! So sweet natured , a real gentle giant. I also had a spaniel once.

    Aw thank you Rob, had my chemo Fri and pump off today. Feel a bit sorry for myself today going down fast! Going to rest rest rest! Food tastes medicated weird! And as for tepid warm squash or water yuk! I can’t wait till it’s over and a long cold drink! Cold starts the tingles off!

    Glad you are getting the boys together you will love it! Haven’t got a name yet and I’m intrigued to find out what name you have. I once chose a name we went under called Under The Covers! Until a new member thought it was too risqué! A Headteacher no longer with us! There I knew I was going to Join Lesley on the naughty step! Trouble is 62 mins is a bit long! @Lesley

    Lou will have to wrestle the flute from her daughter as she is practising for her exam! 😂 @Sunshinedaff

    Hope you all have a great evening. Thanks for cheering me up!

    Lv Jackie xxx


  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 131 ✭✭✭

    Hi Lou,

    I hope you all enjoyed your Hot cross buns. Sounds like you worked hard to produce them. Your poor feet.

    Jasper is a lovely boy! Not had so many long walks lately but he has his daily ones! Will be nice to take him to the forest soon so he can run free! He’s good company.

    Hope your older Daughter’s job at Marks & Spencer’s and trial job in bar going well. Also that they both enjoyed their nights out. You got your own time for Lord of the Rings. My precious! 😂

    I’ve had a nice sleep although awake early! Try to get off again soon! 5.20am! Hoping for a better day today. But will take what I’m given haha!

    Hope you have a wonderful week off together and get to do some nice things with Mark this week. So nice to catch up with each other on a whole week off! Enjoy the break.

    Take care Lou my dear friend.

    Lv Jackie xx 🙋‍♀️💖

    Ps that is you swimming with the the dolphin isn’t it. Got me confused at first haha! Lovely picture !

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 529 ✭✭✭✭


    Hey Jackie,

    Cooey! It's only me!😃

    Are you sitting comfortably in your outside area? 😎

    My daughter loved her trial shift, and they called her today to say she got the job, she started yesterday back at m&s, every one was really pleased to see her, which was lovely for her. Just this morning she got a call for an interview at our local pub, popped down there and she has a job there too for the summer. So she is having a good day!! 😄. Uni rent sorted! And..breathe... Now they are both studying, we are popping out later to the first bar, so she can sort out hours etc, and we will sit and have a drink while she does that, it is a coffee shop/bar.

    I have started my spring decorating project, I mentioned it in the other thread. I am doing quite well at the emptying part! I do need to remember it's Mark's week off and not bombard him with loads of jobs hahaha, although he has been to the tip twice today with garden rubbish!😃, We know how to have a good time!!!🤣🤣

    Yes that is me also, swimming with dolphins, my other profile (moderator one), I do interchange the two. That was one of the best experiences I have had, we were in Florida. The fact I was able to swim was amazing as until the year before I was only a basic swimmer, never out of my depth, terrified of water. But then the family taught me how to swim under the water, and jump in, and be out of my depth, since then you can't get me out of it! haha, So to be able to swim with the dolphins was just awesome and I wasn't afraid. Sorry, going on, but it was so special.

    Keep resting, stay warm, get some sunshine light, but in the shade if you know what I mean!

    Chat soon,

    Big hugs 🤗

    Lou xx

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 131 ✭✭✭

    Hi Lou,

    So pleased for your daughter it’s so nice when they can help with the Uni costs. Good girl!

    What room are you decorating? I love a change now and again! We have wallpaper and paint for spare bedroom but its going to wait. My son in law wanted to get it done for me to come home from hospital but I got released too soon and then Norm slept in there mostly on then off and doesn’t want the upheaval now so it’s on hold! So lovely of him Wanting to do it tho! We might hold him to it later haha! He’s a good lad.

    It’s really nice to have the new seating area down the bottom of the garden but the wind off the North Sea has been a bit cold to sit yet. Supposed to warm up soon so maybe get a chance soon. The wine will have to be on hold I am trying not to drink alcohol till chemo is over. Cold drinks are a no no with that neuropathy at the moment. I can have a hot choc down there haha!

    It’s satisfying to get stuff down the dump isn’t it? Hopefully you can do both chill and prepare for decorating !

    I wish I could swim, was put off as a kid when my teacher push me under with her grab pole! Never got over it. Made sure my kids could swim then at 40 took lessons but could not get it! Silly thing is I can float in shallows and love being in it but cannot break the mental aspect of being adrift! Maybe when I have beaten the Big C I can beat the depths!

    The dolphin swim is amazing! What lovely creatures and a great experience for you. You must have been on a high for days!

    Had a nice day with Norm. We went out in car for a little while in the sun. He picked a few things up then came back and poodled about the garden for a little while. Feeling a little better than yesterday. Mrs Grumpy yesterday but that doesn’t happen too often! I don’t think anyway... Norm may not agree! Haha

    Have a good evening.

    luv Jackie xx 🙋‍♀️

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 529 ✭✭✭✭


    Hi Jackie,

    Sorry I didn't get back to you yet!

    Another day over, where's it gone??!😉

    We have this sort of 'outer kitchen' tacked onto the side of the kitchen proper, it's not a proper extension, but its used to store loads of kitchen stuff, cat things, wine (very important). But because it is directly on an outside wall, no glazing, and the back door, is a wooden ill-fitting thing, the cold, damp, spiders and anything else that takes it's fancy likes to come in. It's not our house so we can't really change it, but I am going to fix it up as best as I can. Today we went to B&Q to fetch some masonry paint, and mould cleaning stuff, sugar soap etc. I have a lot of decorating things already from decorating the girls' rooms not so long ago. Everything is cleared out now, so tomorrow, sanding, and deep clean can begin! I love decorating, but not mucky dirty stuff haha🤣

    It has been cold here today, lots of rain, and just now I heard thunder! Lovely!

    You sound like me, my dad tried to teach me, then let go! Well that was it! Even at school I was terrible, refused to jump in to get my red badge! Not even from sitting down. I began to have lessons at about 12, but the terror had set in really, so the instructor had a tough time. I just about learned to do basic front crawl (head up). When the girls were little on holiday I used to be terrified of being splashed etc, I could never really play with them in water.

    Because of my fears I made sure they started learning very young, 3yr and 18 months! They are both very good swimmers. After my treatment, I wanted to get fit, but because of my bones etc swimming was the only thing, so one holiday they all taught me to swim under the water, jump in, learning to dive, etc.

    Jackie, why don't you give it a go? If I can, anyone can, seriously, I was such a scaredy cat in water, but now, I just love it. My only regret is, it took me to be in my 50's to do it. Go on! Do it! You can! Listen If you can fight cancer, and everything that throws at you what's a bit of water?....I will be looking forward to the day when I hear you say....'Hey guess what I did today....'😊

    Oh yes, if you ever get the chance to go, do it, so fantastic, so much fun.

    Going to have to put the spuds on, beef stew in the slow smells so good, been going all day long.

    Hope you have a peaceful evening, might try and catch up on some more dramas I keep missing.

    Chat soon,

    Lots of hugs 🤗

    Lou xx

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 131 ✭✭✭

    Hi Lou, thanks for your encouragement I really would love to swim like Nemo! That should be my goal! Do you know my ex bought a little motor boat when we were together and we used to go up the river in it with my gas canister operated life preserver! My then teenage kids couldn't believe I went on it haha.

    2020 a year that always used to seem so sci-fi and in the future might be my swimmer lesson year then! I let you know if I’m brave enough then. Haha

    You have had a busy few days! Sorry you had rain today it was pretty nice this morning but got cloudy this afternoon but no rain.

    Have a good evening Lou.

    Take care

    Luv Jackie xx🙋‍♀️😘

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