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Vein Inflammation

PositiveLady10PositiveLady10 Posts: 77 ✭✭✭


When I had a cannula put in for my second chemo session,the nurse placed it in a small vein just above my thumb?

That was 5 weeks ago,I've had another session since,but on the back of my arm up to the elbow,it has really been hurting.

I did mention it to my Oncologist before my 3rd session,and she just shrugged!!!

I have read online that this could be Vein Inflammation caused through Chemo treatment,and was wondering if anybody else had experienced this.

Thank you.


  • LEGO2019LEGO2019 Posts: 16 ✭✭

    Hi PositiveLady

    I’m having chemo treatment for the second time in my life and I’ve been told that my veins keep collapsing because of damage from the previous treatment., so it is really hard for them to find a good vein that will not collapse. It can be very distressing, but what I’ve learned is to prepare my arm and hand as much as possible while on my way to the hospital (I can only use 1 arm because of lymphoedema in the other). What I do is bring a hot water bottle in the car and get my hand as warm as possible while at the same time using a stress ball to work the hand and the arm - you’ll actually get to know yourself where there might be a good vein to try - it should be visible to you when you’re warmed up. I have found a good one on the back of my hand, right in the centre - it’s strong and doesn’t hurt, whereas when they took it from the same place above the thumb a few weeks ago it was very sore in comparison. One last thing - make sure to have a good breakfast and keep drinking water all the way in because dehydration can make it very hard to find a vein and you’re normally dehydrated first thing in the morning, and also cold, so a flask with a warm drink would be even better - but at least room temperature, definitely not col! Hope something here might help. Best of luck!

  • PositiveLady10PositiveLady10 Posts: 77 ✭✭✭

    Hi Lego2019,

    thankyou for your tips,I will definitely try the hot water bottle one before I go next Friday for my 4th Chemo session.

    My arm has been really hurting the last few days and I have actually been putting a hot water bottle on it which has helped.

    Im thinking along the lines of its either damage to a nerve or vein caused by the insertion of the cannula???

    I will be seeing my Oncologist next Wednesday and will talk to her again about it and hopefully she won't just shrug this time!!!

    Im really sorry to hear this is your second time having Chemo,I don't feel at the moment that I could go through all this again and I'm only half way through,but what can you do? I hope that everything goes well for you and will be thinking of you,

    Barbara x

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