Nutrition and sleep

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Insomnia can be triggered by lots of factors during treatment, and of of them is nutrition. So we wanted to ask our community how eating and sleeping go hand in hand for you - especially since both of them can be affected by cancer side effects.

Have you noticed patterns in what you eat or drink and having trouble sleeping? Have you ever quit alcohol or caffeine?

What's the one food that always sends you to sleep?

Can you recommend a relaxing bedtime brew as part of a good sleep routine?

Have you ever tried natural or herbal supplements to help you sleep?

Let us know your tips on how to sleep better by changing your eating and drinking habits!


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    This is an interesting topic! Food and drink at night time. I have to be very careful what I eat and drink and the time that I do.

    If I drink anything past 8/9pm, you can guarantee I will be up in the night! So a lovely hot chocolate, tea or similar drink is out of the question for me.

    If I have wine or other alcohol, I limit how much I have, and also stop early for the same reason. Plus I find alcohol isn’t a good sleep tonic.

    When I was having chemo I suffered from terrible heartburn and in the night that is awful as many will know, so choice of food had to be considered. I love Indian food, but it doesn’ t always love me, especially not during treatment. I learned the hard way!

    It is trial and error, finding what works for you. Reduced sugar intake helps me, I can’t sit and consume large amounts of delicious chocolate, and then sleep well.

    It’s a shame I can’t have a drink at bedtime, I don’t know if it would help the quality of my sleep, but I know my bladder wouldn’t thank me! So I guess not!

    I would love to hear if others have some great thoughts and ideas about this.

    Lou x

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