Help for hot flashes

after my diagnosis of Breast cancer, I was advised to immediately stop HRT which caused my body temperature to sky rocket and night long hot flashes. So tiredness and run down with bronchitis then a sinus infection and lack of sleep made me feel miserable.

I have found some wonder products that are helping to ease my symptoms extremely well. One is a magnet that you wear in your knickers for 24 hours- it’s reduced my body temperature and lessened the intensity and frequency of hot flashes and my sleep as improved! You can find one at -

Also a gel pillow which instantly cools you down and helps with sleep - Sandman Cooling Pillow

No need to put it in the fridge and it draws heat away from you. ❄️

Hope this information is useful to you ❤️


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    Hi @AMK ,

    Welcome to the group, thank you for your suggestions to help with the awful symptoms of hot flushes.

    I have heard of the magnet, but not used it myself. I do have a cool pad though that has been a real life saver for me, you can even get them large enough to put on top of the bed. For those who suffer with flushes over the whole body that might be really helpful. Mine are mostly around my head. They are calming down now, thankfully.

    How are you doing now? Have you completed all your treatment?

    There are many here, everyone is very friendly and supportive, I hope you will find is so. Please feel free to join in with any discussion at any time.

    Take care,

    Lou x

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    Thank you Lou x

    im a month post surgery of a lumpectomy on lymph node removal. I start my radiation treatment in 3 weeks (just when I’m feeling back to normal!) Fingers crosses it will go smoothly it I’m having real issues with the thought of being on Tamoxifen for 10 years ☹️

    I’m I’ve got a gel mattress but it seems to hold the heat rather than disperse? Totally agree about the gel pads though.. fantastic!

    i highly recommended getting one of the magnets as every day my symptoms seem to be calming down.

    Ann Marie x

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    Hi Ann Marie

    Welcome to our group. As Lou said, it is a friendly and supportive Community and there are a lot of lovely people who share their experiences and thoughts.

    Unusually for a man, I suffer quite badly from hot flushes. I have an aggressive prostate cancer which feeds on testosterone. My treatment involves the removal of all of my testosterone and the hot flushes are one of the side effects. I have three or four every day and similar at night. I keep telling my wife Mary, that if she had them too, we could cut our heating bills in the Winter. Ha ha.

    I had 20 sessions of radiotherapy, though in a different area and found it painless, though I did get tired towards the end. I hope you do not have to travel too far for your treatment.

    Rob x

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    Hi Ann Marie,

    Radiotherapy is not as scary as it seems. It is tiring, going in everyday for treatment, and the treatment itself will make you tired. Your skin may become sore too, so make sure you use moisturiser everyday. I hope it goes well for you.

    I was on Tamoxifen, but am now on Letrozole. There are side-effects, but I would rather deal with those than have cancer again.

    I wish you continued success with your treatment, keep in touch, let us know how you are getting on.

    Lou x

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    I have been told to try starflower or evening primrose, so I will see if that helps. I must get a pillow, someone told me to get a dog cooling mat as cheaper than the actual pillow coolers, so I' to my garden centre to get one , hope my dig doesn't pinch it 😁 alcohol doesn't help xxx

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    Hi there hope ur all well om a newby. Im on Letrezole ave been now for jst over 2yrs breast cancer and secondary breast cancer in my pelvis/hip. I have tried loads of stuff for hot flushes nothing as worked. 2wkends on the trot ive been that hot and cold n couldn't get out if my bed like having the flu?!, im going to spain in june and wondering how im going to cope x

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    Hi Kim,

    After chemo put me into menopause and I started taking meds (Tamoxifen and now Letrozole), I started to have awful hot flushes, affecting my head mostly, like it was on fire. I really struggled for a long time, up and down at night, finding cold water to splash over me etc. which was only a short term solution. I did then find a cool gel pad, that I put in the fridge or freezer to cool down, then place it in my pillow at night. It was an overnight success, seriously, I couldn't believe how effective it was. I still use it now, and take it away with me. You would be able to put it in your suitcase (not carry-on) to take on holiday. Have you tried one of these? If not, I highly recommend it.

    Lou x

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