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LittleJen72LittleJen72 Posts: 2


Three weeks ago I finished my treatment for Breast Cncer for the second time. The first time I had radiotherapy but this time round it was both chemo and radio, I got through it and most of the time I was smiling and trying to carry on and be positive. I’m struggling more now, how to you keep living your life without this constant fear of it returning? I’m constantly searching and thinking is that a lump? Do I need to go and get it checked? Does anyone feel like this?

Thanks, Jenny


  • OconnormOconnorm Posts: 9

    I know exactly what you mean because it has nt been long mine was a year ago finished chemotherapy October every ache pain I'm panicking if you really feel you need to be checked over go put your mind at rest

  • LittleJen72LittleJen72 Posts: 2

    Its awful isn’t ? My consultant gave his mobile number, bet he’s regretting it now 🤣

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,272 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @LittleJen72 and @Oconnorm

    I think the reality is that a cancer diagnosis is not the same as that of any other type of illness. It is a life altering event. Your body has been assaulted. Sometimes the emotional reaction comes afterwards, when you are released and life is supposed to slowly go back to normal again. You have become used to the medical people looking after you and suddenly they have gone and you feel somehow abandoned and alone.  You worry about every lump or bump, ache or pain and I think that is pretty normal. It is worth having a browse through ‘Feeling Bereft After Treatment’ under ‘Whats on Your Mind Today’ for other comments on the subject. In my experience, you do get used to it over time and I am sure that you will.

    I had a difficult time after treatment. Life did not go back to normal as I had expected it to and I was advised to checkout MacMillan Cancer Support. They were very helpful and supportive and gave me access to a counsellor who gives her time free of charge. It is a wonderful organization and if you have one in your location, I strongly recommend that you pop in and see them.

    Rob x

  • OconnormOconnorm Posts: 9

    Thank you I will x hope all is well with you x

  • jacksprat_x1jacksprat_x1 Posts: 320 ✭✭✭✭

    Your welcome, yes I’m good thanks. Have a nice evening. 🙂

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Oconnorm and @LittleJen72 ,

    A very warm welcome to you both, I hope you will know that you are not alone feeling like this and having these anxious thoughts and fears of cancer returning. It is such a hard thing to go through cancer and all the treatments involved, and Jenny for you to have it twice must just have been an awful thing. The emotional fallout from cancer takes a lot from us, and recovering from that as well as the physical recovery is not easy.

    I would say don't be shy to seek help from your dr's if you suspect anything, I am sure they would say its better to check and find its nothing than leave it and it be too late. Jenny, you make use of that number if and when you need to!

    I hope you will find being here helpful and supportive, knowing you can come and chat, etc, sharing your fears, with the knowledge everyone here really does understand. Hopefully we can all help each other, encouraging one another. As Rob ( @RobertA )has mentioned, if things really are becoming too much and the anxiety or depression deepens, there are people who can help, don't suffer in silence.

    Chat soon,

    Lou x

  • hessomhessom Posts: 110 ✭✭✭

    😂 well hopefully this Community can help you a little, at least when your consultant is asleep!

    We were actually just talking about this very issue more broadly today, about "life after cancer" (if there ever is such a thing) and how there's so much more information that could (should!) be out there. We think that this type of support is really important, especially help and support from those with lived experience of cancer, Which is exactly how I hope this community can help you @LittleJen72 😊

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