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Hi. I've had 5 of 6 doses of the FEC-T chemotherapy and am very poorly following , especially after 4 and 5. Hence I do not feel my body can cope with the final dose, has anyone else not been able to endure any of their chemotherapy cycle?


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    Hi Lorraine,

    I am so sorry to hear you feel so unwell after your chemo cycles. I too had FEC-T, the last three doses are the hardest part when the Docetaxel takes effect, and the cumulative effects of chemo pile up. I would definitely have a chat with your oncologist as soon as you are able, so you can find out the medical implications of stopping at no.5.

    Then you can weigh up all the options and scenarios, that way you will be best informed to make a decision that is best for you.

    By the way, you are doing brilliantly, you got through five treatments! Seriously, I mean it, that is amazing. It is horrible to go through, but you have done it! And if you decide to carry on, you know it is the last one.

    When would no 6 be due?

    But speak to someone soon about it, let them know how you are feeling.

    I do hope you begin to feel much better very soon, I know how difficult it is and my thoughts are with you.

    Lou x

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