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An Appreciation of Volunteers

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Yesterday evening I attended a workshop in skincare at the local MacMillan Centre. It was conducted by ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ who are now offering workshops for men. It is a cancer support charity whose aim is to boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of people living with cancer. Look Good Feel Better say that they would not be able to operate without the help of volunteers, fundraisers and supporters. The evening was attended by a local store which gifted expensive skincare products and also by two hairdressers who offered practical advice. It was a lot of fun and appreciated by everyone who attended.

As I walked home, my thoughts returned to that day in 2016 when I was diagnosed with cancer. As we all know, a cancer diagnosis is a life changing event and it takes a lot of time and support to come terms with the situation.

Soon after my diagnosis, I was introduced to MacMillans and received incredible kindness and care from people whom I had never met before and who were giving me their time for nothing. Since then, I have received counselling by a qualified counsellor who gives her time for nothing. I have had tea and cakes made and served by volunteer carers at Jersey Hospice. They also provide volunteer drivers who ferry people to and from their homes. The café at the Hospital is staffed by volunteers.

In a recent article, @Sunshinedaff mentioned ‘Knitted Knockers’ whose products are made by volunteers who will never meet the beneficiary but who then send their products out with a lovely personalised message.

There are just too many people and groups to mention. People who make my life and that of many others much more tolerable, fun even, and who make a huge difference.

I often wonder how it is that politicians and entertainers get Knighthoods and gongs for doing their amply paid jobs when the people who really matter usually go unrecognised.

We hear so much about violence, greed and selfishness, but there are hundreds of thousands of kind, generous and caring people who give their time free of charge to people they don’t even know.

Rob x

PS. Thanks also to LiveBetterWith for giving us this platform to meet and chat and support each other.


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 770 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Rob,

    This is such a brilliant post, you have hit the nail right on the head with everything you have written!

    Quite often it is not until you are in the midst of something that you come across these wonderful people.

    It is only then you realise the impact they have on others' lives.

    Unsung heroes who go about quietly doing their thing, making the lives of others more bearable with their kind words, thoughts and deeds.

    Thanks for posting this Rob.

    Lou xx

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