Weekend plans

Hi everyone,

What's everyone doing this weekend? I'll be visiting my nephew who is 3 months old. He's called Noah and has started smiling and interacting with us more which is lovely to see! I also need to find some time for 'me' so will probably to a spin class.

Love and light xoxoxoxo


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 361 mod

    Hi @Zahrab

    I have just dropped my daughter at a friends birthday do. My husband and I are both very coldy, so not up to much this weekend, I have just poured a lovely glass of Merlot, and am going to curl up and catch up on tv that we missed this week. Hopefully tomorrow will be warm again like it was today, so may venture out for coffee in the afternoon. We have found a new fave coffee shop, well I have!

    Spin class? I have never tried that, I'm not sure I would be very good at it. I do swimming, but none this week unfortunately.

    Enjoy spending time with Noah, so much changes so quickly with babies, that must be fun to be with him.

    Lou x

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