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    Hi @LouiseJ Lou

    It was funny, a great message and a good post.

    Surprisingly, a lot of men are reluctant to see their doctors for tests to check for prostate, testicular or bladder cancer due to embarrassment. Not me. If I had not gone for tests when I was having frequent night trips to the loo, I might not be here now. Jersey MacMillan are doing a cancer awareness month in March and I will be there at the Co-op in my green shirt telling anyone who will listen to get themselves checked out.

    Rob X

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    Hi Rob,

    I think it is great you are supporting Macmillan in Jersey spread the message of health checks to bring awareness to others about the various symptoms and signs off cancer. It must be very rewarding, and you are a great ambassador.

    I think comedy is also a brilliant way of breaking through the stigma and embarrassment attached to having health screening. It is also very good to laugh! 😂

    Lou x

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