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First appointment

annmarieashtonannmarieashton Posts: 3
I like to know if anyone  can share  their hasimilar experience ?  I going soon to discuss my breast operation with the surgeon. I feel alot of anxiety and feel tearful.


  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Ann-marie, 

    Welcome to the group, I am so glad you have joined us, you are most welcome here. We are very friendly, and everyone is very supportive and kind.

    I am sorry you are here though because of cancer. 
    I had breast cancer, I was diagnosed in 2015, and underwent chemotherapy, a mastectomy, and radiotherapy, followed by other surgery as part of my recovery.

    Are you having a mastectomy too, or a lumpectomy?
    Is this the first part of your treatment plan?
    Are you in the UK?

    I can identify with you feeling very anxious and tearful. Being diagnosed with cancer is very frightening, the thoughts and fears bombard our minds and hearts and can be overwhelming.

    But hopefully,  depending on your particular diagnosis, there is a path through this nightmare that will enable you to live free of cancer. That's the aim to keep in your mind.
    It isn't easy, and you may have some dark days and moments as you go through this, but it is possible. 
    Keep hope in your heart, carry courage in your pocket, you can get through this. I mean it, staying as positive as you are able, will go a long way in helping you. 

    So, firstly, it is good you are able to have surgery, I think if there was little chance of success the dr's wouldn't put you through it. There would be no point in doing an unnecessary procedure.

    What sort of things would you like to know about?
    I could tell you lots of stuff, but it may not be helpful to you, so if you can think of anything in particular, we can chat about it.

    I had a mastectomy after chemo, it had all been decided up front before treatment had begun, which I found comforting to think the MDT had already discussed me and come up with a plan to free me of cancer. I just had to agree.

    When I met with my surgeon the second time (she was actually the person I saw when I first went to breast clinic before I was even diagnosed. I think she could see immediately at that appointment I had cancer, I just wasn't aware of that, until I pieced conversations together months afterwards), she examined me, again! You will have lots of examinations!! 
    It was explained what was going to happen, I also had lymph nodes removed as the cancer has spread there too.
    If you are in the UK, you will have a pre-assessment appointment prior to surgery, where you will be quizzed by a nurse about all sorts of information.

    Questions to ask your surgeon:
    How long is op?
    How long to stay in hospital?
    Ask exactly what is going to happen surgery?
    Will you be having reconstruction afterwards sometime? Or at the same operation? I have heard that happens sometimes.
    Do you want a reconstruction? What options are there? There are various types possible, depends what is suitable for you.
    When will your follow up appointment be post-surgery, and will the results be available? (histology reports, they will send the breast off for analysis).

    I know this seems an awful lot to take in, please do come and ask me about anything else you might want to know about. 

    Just to encourage you, my treatment was successful, it was an aggressive cancer, caught early, and I no longer have any cancer. I am on medication to help prevent it's return.

    I hope to chat to you again, 

    Lou x

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